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Membership Dining

Membership Dining

A Member Dining Pass is the ultimate compliment to a Gold Plus, Platinum, Diamond, or Diamond Elite Membership. With it you can eat lunch and dinner every time you visit the park, no matter how many times you visit. Depending on which level of Dining Pass you buy, you can eat every visit for as little as $4.25 a month!

Member Dining Features

It's amazing how much value can be crammed into such a small monthly price tag.

Member Dining Levels

Member Dining Passes come in three levels, each with more food than the next.

Member Dining Pass Ordering
Member Dining Plans cannot be purchased on their own -- you can only sign up for a Member Dining Plan when you sign up for your Membership. If you do not have a Membership yet you will be asked if you want to sign up for dining during the purchase process. If you already have a Membership, you can sign up for a Dining Plan from your Member Portal.
Membership Dining FAQs

Purchasing a Dining Pass 

How do I purchase a Membership Dining Pass?

Membership Dining Passes are available exclusively online. Membership Dining Passes are only available to Members — they cannot be purchased by Season Pass Holders..

Membership Add-Ons 

How do I buy a Member Dining Pass with my Membership?

Member Dining Plans may only be purchased through the Membership signup process. If you already have a Membership, you may use the "Upgrade" feature in the Online Member Services section to sign up for Member Dining. Please note that Member Dining is not the same as Season Dining -- special offers that apply to Season Dining Passes do not apply to Member Dining Passes, and special discounts/offers applicable to Member Dining Passes do not apply to Season Dining Passes.

How long does a Member Dining Pass last?

Membership Dining Passes have a minimum of commitment of 12 months, and then you can cancel them anytime that you like.

What is a Member Dining Pass?

A Member Dining Pass gives you either lunch and a snack (with a Basic Dining Membership) or lunch, dinner and a snack (with a Deluxe Dining Membership).

Membership Dining Disclaimers