Six Flags Darien Lake
Six Flags Darien Lake
Buffalo, NY

Mind Eraser

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Erase.

Get thrown for a loop or 4 in Darien Lake’s suspended coaster, Mind Eraser. Twists, turns and topsy-turvy thrills await adrenaline junkies and coaster newbies alike with our only inverted, suspended looping coaster. Be ready to be thrown for a loop… or 4.

The Mind Eraser will test your courage and bravery while throwing you through loops and turns in this suspended coaster! Feet dangling and hair flying, this ride was built to test the toughest coaster riders while flipping them around. Make sure your shoes are tied nice and tight- or off all together, this ride will make you lose your flip flops! Shooting you up then down while twisting you all around, hold onto your hats folks- you will go upside down. Watch the ground below quickly turn to sky on the Mind Eraser!

*Go Fast Pass accepted here.

Little Jimmy and his family were walking up to their favorite ride when the ground began to rumble. Hands ruptured through the concrete and heaved soulless bodies up through the ground. Jimmy screamed and his family went running. Zombies sprung up and stampeded towards the gates. Jimmy froze and a withering hand erupted from the ground dragging jimmy down with it. It took less than 1 hour for them to infiltrate the Main Gate. They came in through the parking lot and in through the campgrounds. Breaking down the gates, the zombies poured into the nearest coasters taking over the guests and the ride associates. The new, undead “employees” are trained to keep the ride going and the zombies encourage it. They know you all love roller coasters and will try to ride as many as you can. For them, this means free food.

Mind Eater is their favorite way to get their favorite dish. When you get on your feet dangle for them to grab and toy with. The train will take you up a hill where you will experience multiple inversions and super speeds. The speed and inversions let the zombies eat your mind like pasta for dinner. As you are speeding around the track, prepare to lose your mind. Hop on if you dare, for you will not leave the same as you came.

Mind Eater
Thrill Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

52" with adult
54" to ride alone - 80" Maximum
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