Six Flags Darien Lake
Six Flags Darien Lake
Buffalo, NY

Attractions by Height

Don’t wait until you get to the park. Check our attraction height requirements ahead of time!

Name of Attraction Description Minimum Heightsort descending Additional Info
Hook's Lagoon

Take your kids to the ultimate kiddie water park attraction!

None with adult Adult must be accompanying child
Tree Stump Turnpike

Let your kids take a mini cross-country road trip behind the wheel of youngster-sized monster trucks!

None with adult 36" to ride alone
Darien Lake Railway

This colorful train seats both parents and children for a relaxing, two-lap excursion on a figure eight track

None with adult 36" to ride alone
Wally's Weather Balloons

Climb into one of Darien Lake’s weather balloons with your kids for an amusing balloon ride.

None with adult 36" to ride alone
Crocodile Isle

Take a dive into our 600,000 gallon wave pool, Crocodile Isle.

None with adult Adult must be accompanying child
Beaver Dam Explorer

A thrilling deep-sea dive happening in midair! Beaver Dam Explorer is a fun-filled ride for the whole family

None with adult 36" to ride alone
Flotation Station

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the park and relax on the heated Lazy River.

None with adult 36" to ride alone
Bucky's Barrels

Young riders will love a Ferris Wheel made just for them!.

None with adult 36" to ride alone
Raccoon Rally

Let your kids go wild in our newly-renovated kiddie bumper cars.

36" 54" Maximum
Chucky's Mud Buckets

Spin into a dizzy whirl in Chucky’s Mud Buckets. Another ride perfect for kids to ride with their families.

36" 54" Maximum
Rock Wall

Think you’ve got what it takes to reach the top of the rock wall?

Critter Chase

No matter if they want to ride the dragon, elephant or lady bug, all kids enjoy a ride that they can control.

36" 54" Maximum
Woody's Whirlers

Children will love these swings sized perfectly for them.

36" 54" Maximum
Hoot 'N' Holler

A miniature roller coaster with twists, turns and gentle drops traveling at a low speed along an oval track.

36" 54" Maximum
Corn Popper

Jump into Corn Popper for a classic, fun family ride.

36" with adult 54" to ride alone
Big Kahuna

The extreme tubing experience that’s perfect for families!

36" with adult 48" to ride alone
Hornet's Nest

Steer to new heights, dip and dive on this high-flying spinning ride that you control!

36" with adult 44" to ride alone

Fun isn't over-easy, it's scrambled!

36" with adult 48" to ride alone
Grand Carousel

The Grande Carousel is a traditional and classic amusement park ride.

36" with adult
Moose on the Loose

This bumbling track ride takes you right through the middle of bear camp on the back of a moose!

36" with adult 43" to ride alone

The Haymaker offers mild thrills for the not-so-thrill seekers.

36" with adult 42" to ride alone

Want to cool off but don’t want to get wet? Be sure to visit the snow-capped hills of Sleighride.

36" with adult 48" to ride alone - 78" Maximum

Bring your sea legs to the Pirate, an exciting swinging ship ride sure to leave your timbers shivering.

39" with adult 48" to ride alone
Grand Prix Speedway

Hop into one of our go carts for a high-speed ride around a 2,000 foot track!

40" with adult 58" to ride alone
Shipwreck Falls

Shipwreck Falls is the ultimate water ride for thrill seekers looking to get wet.

42" 74" Maximum
Red Hawk

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to fly? Then jump on the Red Hawk!

RipCurl Racer

Darien Lake introduces a brand new racing waterslide, a six lane insane water slide racing complex.

Rowdy's Heave Ho

Rowdy has climbed to the top of the tallest tree on the Ridge.

42" with adult 48" to ride alone
Swirl City Slide Complex

A mammoth, quad slide complex featuring four completely different water slides.

42" with adult 48" to ride alone
Bear Valley Bumper Buggies

Hop into one of the Bear Valley bumper cars for a classic amusement park experience.

42" with adult 48" to ride alone

All the exhilaration of a coaster in a whirlwind of thrills!


Get strapped in and get ready to be launched 300 feet in the air at 80 mph!

44" The total combined weight per flight must reach a minimum of 110 pounds.

Lasso soars high above the air in these spectacular swings.


With 5 inversions, a tunnel and a 70-ft. drop, the Viper is the ultimate Darien Lake coaster!

Brain Drain

Pulsin’ Propulsion...over 300 feet in 10 seconds!


Ever wonder what it would be like to feel the breeze while speeding away on a motorcycle?


Ever wonder what it felt like to ride a Tornado?


Coaster enthusiasts will fall head over heels in love with Darien Lake’s only wooden coaster.

Rolling Thunder

You can’t control the roll! Who’s afraid of Thunder?

Silver Bullet

Step inside Silver Bullet for a topsy-turvy space age adventure.


Take a ride on one of Darien Lakes newest attractions!

Tin Lizzy's

Step back in time and take a relaxing drive on one of Darien Lake’s very own Tin Lizzy's.

48" to ride alone

Backwards or forwards, you won’t know which direction you are going on Boomerang!

48" with adult 54" to ride alone
Boat Docks - Midway Marina

Stop by Midway Marina to take a relaxing 30-minute ride on Fun Lake.

48" with adult
Blast Off

A 185-foot ride that will accelerate thrill-seekers to the top of a tower!

Mind Eraser

Get thrown for a loop or 4 in Darien Lake’s suspended coaster, Mind Eraser!

52" with adult 54" to ride alone - 80" Maximum
Ride of Steel

Hop into the tallest and faster roller coaster in New York State.

54” 76" Maximum