Six Flags Darien Lake
Six Flags Darien Lake
Buffalo, NY

Ride of Steel

A 208 Foot Drop That Will have You Out of Your Seat!

One of the tallest coasters east of the Mississippi, climbing 208 feet and reaching speeds in excess of 75 mph. Hop into the fastest roller coaster in New York State – Ride of Steel. Located over the lake, enjoy the breeze while flying through one of our most popular rides! Equipped with three hills and speeds of greater than 75 miles per hour, it’s no wonder why this is the ultimate coaster for thrill-seekers.

Enjoy the heart-pounding thrill of our tallest drop in the park. You will plunge 205 feet on the first 70-degree drop, but it doesn't end there. Be ready to tackle two more drops and zoom around quick turns. Hold on tight, at the end of the ride, you'll hit fast paced mini hills that will make you feel like you're jumping out of your seat! Challenge yourself to ride the Ride of Steel and see what it feels like to fly!

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In 1851, Maeve and Ferguson O’Sullivan left Ireland with their family to escape the Potato Famine taking over northern Europe. Maeve was pregnant with her 5th child and hoped to make it to America safely before having her baby. Tragedy struck on the boat on October 1st when Maeve died while giving birth to their new baby girl Myrtle. Shortly after, the baby passed away due to the horrible conditions in the sleeping corridors. The family used the little money they had to carry their late loved ones to their new plot of land in Western New York. They buried the dead next to the water on All Hallows Eve and lived on that plot of land for the next 20 years. Over 100 years later, this plot was sold to the builders of what is now Six Flags Darien Lake.

In 1999, The Ride of Steel was built over the same lake with beautiful colors of red and blue. The building of this new attraction disturbed the graves of Maeve and her baby awaking a banshee never before seen in North America. Her screams and wails take over the park every October filling riders with terrors they have never experienced. As you ride up the tallest hill in New York, you hear the beautiful song of a mother who loves her child. When the hill drops, the song turns into screams that get louder and louder as the track continues. Up each hill, the screams become defining. Approaching the final circles above the lake, look closely to the center. If your lucky, you will see Maeve rise in her blue cloak with her long red hair screaming and wailing making riders ears bleed.

We don’t call it Ride of Scream for nothing.

Ride of Screams
Thrill Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

76" Maximum
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