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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
Butterfly in the Butterfly Habitat
Penguins at Penguin Passage
Dolphin in Drench! stadium show
Seal Cove

Animal Attractions

At the heart of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is its diverse animal program, where guests, young and old, can enjoy strolling through the LAND area of the park to see beautiful cats, such as African lions, and cougars relaxing in their tranquil outdoor habitats.

In SEA, various marine mammals, such as bottlenose dolphins, California sea lions, Pacific harbor seals and our aquatic bird species-- endangered African penguins, can be found. Walk through the serene Butterfly Habitat or gaze at the often misunderstood sharks in the Shark Experience

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom offers unique opportunities to meet animals truly up-close and personal. From your first step into the park, you might see exotic parrots and macaws at the main plaza, or see dolphins swimming via an underwater viewing window at Dolphin Harbor.

For those that wish to engage with animals directly, there are ample opportunities to meet, see, touch and feed a variety of animal species. Each operating day, there are limited spaces available where you can feed a seal or sea lion at Seal Cove or feed a giraffe at the Giraffe Encounter (additional fee required). Note: Opportunities to feed sea lions and giraffes are currently not available. Please check back soon to check availability.

Throughout the day, you won’t want to miss any of our entertaining and informational animal presentations.  The Odin’s Temple of the Tiger demonstration show is a one-of-a-kind experience that proves cats really do like to swim.

For fans of our feathered friends, our animal care specialists show that macaws and cockatoos have distinct personalities at Discovery Theater and there’s no doubt that every animal, big or small, has a place in the ecosystem. Not to miss is the Aquaped Waterworks Sea Lion Show and the energetic Drench! dolphin show at Toyota Stadium. During special times like Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park, we re-theme these for the occasion!

Be sure to check the Animal Encounter page to find out how you can really get up close and personal. Participate in a number of our educational programs where you can interact with a dolphin, shadow a marine mammal specialist and sleep with sharks in the Sharks in the Dark program.  

  • Alligator Isle

    By Odin's Temple of the Tiger

    Stop by Alligator Isle to get a look at live alligators as they swim and sunbathe. 

  • Welcome one of the newest member of the Discovery Kingdom family!

  • Land attraction near Tava's Elephant Parade, Congo Queen, and Zoe's Treehouse

    Check out these native big cats as they blend into their mountain clearing habitat.

  • Lion's Lair

    Land attraction near Frog Hopper, Safari Jeep Tours, and Monkey Around

    Watch as these expressive big cats interact, nuzzle and relax together in this rocky African lion habitat.

  • Sea attraction near SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight, THE JOKER, and THE FLASH: Vertical Velocity

    Get up-close and personal with stingrays, penguins, pinnipeds and more in this Caribbean-themed area.

  • Sea attraction near SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight, THE JOKER, THE FLASH: Vertical Velocity

    Watch our African penguin colony through an underwater viewing window as they torpedo through the water.

  • Reptile Discovery Cuban Rock Iguana

    Land attraction near Frog Hopper, Nairobi's Lookout Balloons, Safari Jeep Tours

    Reptile Discovery is home to a diverse collection of fascinating snakes, lizards and tortoises.

  • By Lakeside Pavillion and Seaside Junction

    A mere pane of glass separates you from ocean predators in this walk-through tunnel. 

  • Ocean Discovery

    View these large and agile pinnipeds both above and below water.

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