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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California

Attractions by Height

Don’t wait until you get to the park.

Check our attraction height requirements ahead of time! You can also sort the ride list by minimum height.

Name of Attraction Description Minimum Heightsort ascending Additional Info

Face up to the relentless, record-breaking loops and drops of the highest, fastest, and longest rail runner.

THE FLASH: Vertical Velocity

Feel like THE FLASH as you accelerate from 0-60 in the blink of an eye!

54" 75" maximum
SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight

Soar higher and faster in this super looping launch coaster!

52" with adult
WONDER WOMAN Lasso of Truth

Experience the all new extreme pendulum ride takes riders higher and higher while spinning counterclockwise


Tackle the tangled track and five inversions of this 115-foot gorilla to prove who’s the mightiest

52" 78" maximum
Tazmanian Devil Temporarily Closed

This masterpiece combines hyper-spin with swings to guarantee woozy.

50" with adult 77" maximum
Boardwalk Bumper Buggies Temporarily Closed

No need for brakes on this classic bumper car smash-up! 

48" with adult 54" to ride alone
Thrilla Gorilla

An enormous gorilla is your host on a delightfully dizzying spinning ride.

48" unless accompanied by an adult
Wave Swinger

An enormous carousel-topped tower hoists you over the clouds for a seated, swinging joy ride across the sky.

HARLEY QUINN Crazy Coaster

Time to get twisted! HARLEY QUINN Crazy Coaster, the world's first dual looping coaster.

Dare Devil Chaos Coaster

An all-new soaring and inverting coaster!

BATMAN: The Ride Northern California's first 4D free fly coaster! 48"

Race through chaotic twists and turns on The Joker, a villainous and maniacal coaster!

Hammerhead Shark

Commandeer your own 50-foot hammerhead shark for loop after loop of swinging excitement.

Boomerang Coast to Coaster

Hurtle through a trio of loops, then boomerang backwards.


Dangle from a startlingly tall 150-foot tower in a 43 mph spin.

44" with adult 48" to ride alone

Get ready for major thrills on this serpent-shaped coaster that hisses down a long 1,200-foot course.

42" with adult 48" to ride alone
The Ark

This boat sets sail, swinging you over the waves on a pulse-pounding journey.

42" with adult 48" to ride alone. Children must be of walking age to ride.
Road Runner Express Temporarily Closed

This junior coaster is big on excitement for daredevils-in-training.

42" walking age Children must be of walking age to ride
Sky Coaster

Plummet 100 feet through the air for the ultimate skydiving experience! Parachute not included.

Monsoon Falls Closed for the Season

Take on the ultimate wave as you plummet over a raging waterfall. 

42" 76" Maximum
Taz’s Typhoon

Get twisted in knots by this tyke-sized swinging bench ride, for a speedy, spin-tastic good time.

Zoe’s Tree House

A three-story play house where your little monkeys can climb and slide to their jungle hearts’ content.

42" 54" maximum
Monkey Business

The monkeys are in charge on this teacup-style spin-a-rama. The more you twist, the harder you spin!

White Water Safari

Brave the current and drenching spray on the ultimate rafting experience!


36" with adult 54" to ride alone
Scat-A-Bout Temporarily Closed

This classic scrambler delivers nonstop spin action with the punch of double-revolving pivot arms.

36" with adult 42" to ride alone
Congo Queen

Jiggle till you giggle on a boat that skitters back and forth across a wobbly, twisty sea.

36" with adult Under 36" must be accompanied by an adult
Bugs’ Buccaneer

Take a rockin’ voyage on a swinging ship that raises you in the sky like you’re riding the waves.

36" to 54" 36
Sylvester’s Pounce & Bounce

Pounce up to the top of a lighthouse with Sylvester and Tweety.


Get soaked on this Super Villain's interactive water ride where you shoot water cannons at each other!

Yosemite Sam's Flight School

Adventure awaits pilots-in-training as their propeller planes lift off for a high-flying roundabout.

36" 54" maximum
Pepe Le Pew’s Rafts of Romance

A new twist on a dizzy-making, classic whirling teacup-style spinner, sized for little skunks.

36" Children must be of walking age to ride
Monkey Around

Swing through the air like a monkey on a vine on this smaller-scale chair lift.

36" 54" maximum
Rock Wall Climbing Challenge

Climb a 45-foot tall sheer rock wall with your bare hands on this ultra-realistic mountain adventure.

Elmer’s Weather Balloon Service Temporarily Closed

Little aviators whirl through the sky on Elmer Fudd’s revolving hot air balloons.

None with adult 42" to ride alone. Children must be of walking age to ride.
Air Penguins

Fly on this secret mission with twirling helicopters that look just like penguins!

None with adult 38" to ride alone
Foghorn’s Seaport Railway

Ride an open air, tot-sized train around the park, or climb in the engine room to lead the way!

None with adult 36" to ride alone. Must be of walking age to ride.
Frog Hopper

Ride a giant frog on a bouncy, wobbly trip through the garden, for jumping juniors with spring in their step!

None with adult 36" to ride alone. Must be of walking age to ride.
Seaside Railway

A tank engine train takes young conductors on a tour through a prop-filled train yard and delightful depot.

None with adult 48" to ride alone
Nairobi’s Look Out Balloons

Try Nairobi’s balloons for a spinning, floating, birds eye view of Tava’s Jungleland!

Merlin’s Seaside Tours

A gently lifting tour bus circles a fantasy San Francisco in this junior-sized adventure for tiny tourists.

None Children must be of walking age to ride
Splashwater Oasis

A refreshing array of spouting spigots keep you cool as you wander through a maze of splashy fun.

Seaport Carousel

Ride all the beasts of the jungle on this enchanting classic carousel, sized for entry-level explorers.

Splish Splash Zone

A pop-jet water fountain blasts without notice as you tiptoe through. Get splashed at any moment!

Acme Fun Factory

Let the young ones run wild at this giant two-story indoor playhouse full of fun and foam.

Safari Jeep Tours

A caravan of junior jeeps will chauffeur your rugged rug rats on a scenic ride around Tava’s Jungleland.

None Children must be of walking age to ride