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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey
Skull Mountain

Skull Mountain

Face the Skull, Conquer the Mountain!

Looming over the utterly unique stone rock fortress dares to enter. Don’t be intimidated by the enormous skull built into the rock, grinning at you with his skeleton teeth bared. It’s his job to try to frighten you. But inside this house of rock, an utterly spine-tingling, totally enclosed coaster awaits you.
Follow the lanterns through the tiki forest and journey deep underground. Once you’ve made it into the dark interior, you’ll feel like you’ve entered an old abandoned mine shaft. Now you’re going to take on this all-indoor coaster—completely in the dark! You’ll have exactly no idea of what’s coming next, as you take on a relentless series of twisty, high-banking turns and wavy drops.
This is a totally different kind of experience from an outdoor coaster. You’ll truly feel like you’ve entered another world, as you take the pitch-black course at 37 miles per hour. Drops can be as high as 37 feet, which feels like 100 when you can’t see which way is up! The sound effects will take you even deeper into this fully immersive adventure world, deep in underground caverns. Blast through fog and flickering strobe lights as you tunnel through secret passages on a bullet train to excitement. A mountain-sized skull is no match for you now!
For your safety, no loose articles including cell phones are permitted on Skull Mountain. All loose articles must be secured in a button or zipped pocket, locker or with a non-rider.

By The Numbers

Top Speed
33 mph
40.5 feet
1386 feet
1 minute 30 seconds
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

44" with adult
48" to ride alone. Lap bar must make contact with both riders in front and back car. Maximum Height 77"
Location in Park: 




This attraction is sponsored by Takis

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