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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
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One Day Dining

One-Day Dining Deal

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With a One-Day Dining Deal, you can eat at the park all day for just one up-front payment. Our new One-Day Dining Deal is the best way to stay fueled during your thrill-filled visit to Six Flags!


All-Day Drink Bottle

You'll receive an All-Day Drink Bottle that can be refilled at select locations in the park on the day of your visit.


Incredible Value

With our One-Day Dining Deal you'll get lunch, dinner, and a snack on the day of your visit. Tell hunger to go to the back of the line!


Incredible Variety

There are numerous entrees and snacks to choose from at restaurants throughout the park. View the menu.

Get lunch, dinner, a snack, and drinks all day with the One-Day Dining Deal!

Key Benefits

Complete List of Product Benefits

  • Lunch on the day of your visit
  • Dinner on the day of your visit
  • Also includes a tasty snack!
  • All-Day Drink Bottle with refills
  • All-Day Drink Bottle with refills
  • Lunch on the day of your visit
  • Dinner on the day of your visit
  • Also includes a tasty snack!
  • Wide selection of entrees, sides and snacks
  • Multiple restaurants to choose from
  • Valid the day of your visit
More Benefits
About Season Dining

Season Dining Passes

Season Pass Holders can purchase our All Season Dining Pass to keep eating all-season long!

Season Dining Passes

Restaurants & Meals

Season Dining Pass Restaurants, Meals and Snacks

For a complete list of restaurants, meals and snacks available as part of the Season Dining Pass program, please see our Season Pass Dining Guide.

Season Dining Pass Guide

Dining Pass
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Frequently Asked Questions

One-Day Dining Deal 

What happens if I lost my wristband?

It's important you attach your wristband snugly to your wrist. If the wristband is lost or torn off, it cannot be replaced. If you've purchased a wristband for a child, you may consider wearing the band on your wrist for safe-keeping.

I'm a Season Pass Holder, can I buy a One-Day Dining Deal?

Sure, but for Season Pass Holders we have and All-Season Dining Pass that you can use every visit, all season long. Our guests say it's one of the best values we offer! For more information, visit our Season Dining Pass Page. Do you have a Six Flags Membership? Learn more about our Membership Dining Passes.

What if I'm really hungry? Can I buy 2 One-Day Dining Deals?

Sure. You can buy as many One-Day Dining Deals as you want BUT they all must be used on the day of your visit. AND you'll have to wear a wristband for each for the entire day.

How long is my One-Day Dining Deal valid?

Your One-Day Dining Deal is valid on the day of your visit only.

Where can I find a list of restaurants, entrees and snacks?

You may download the Six Flags Mobile App or check the dining section of the website for more information.



I didn't redeem my lunch (or snack, dinner or drink bottle), can I save them for another visit?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot save unredeemed items for another visit. Your One-Day Dining Deal is only valid on the day of your visit.

Can I use my One-Day Dining Deal at Hurricane Harbor?

Unfortunately, no. The One-Day Dining Deal is only valid at Six Flags Great Adventure.

How does the One-Day Dining Deal work?

Once you purchase your One-Day Dining Deal, take your printed voucher to one of the participating restaurants at the Park on the day of your visit. You will receive a wristband to wear all day. This wristband will allow you to redeem your lunch, dinner a snack plus your drink bottle and refills. Visit participating locations to redeem your meals and refills throughout your visit.

How do I purchase a One-Day Dining Deal?

Make your purchase online and present your printed voucher at any participating food location in the Park on the day of your visit. 

Can I share my One-Day Dining Deal?

If you want to give half of your lunch to a friend, that's a very kind thing to do. Only you can redeem the wristband for the lunch, dinner, snack, and drink bottle (and refills) though. The wristband must remain on you for the whole day -- you can't take it off and give it to someone else.

One-Day Dining Deal is not valid for use at Hurriance Harbor. 

One-Day Dining Deal is valid on the day of your visit only. Unused redemptions cannot be saved and used later. Wristband is non-trasnferrable.

Designated lunch, dinner, and snack times vary by day. Locations, meals, snacks and operating hours are subject to change. Shortened park hours may cause meal times to vary. Prices are only available online, do not include tax and are subject to change without notice. Service fee applies to online orders. Photos of food shown on our website are meant to generally represent the types of foods we sell at our parks: specific options available at each park will vary.