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Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America
Chicago, Illinois


Get Spun into Shape by this Giant of Gyration!

With captivating views and daring spins, this legendary blue and gold tilt-a-rama is daring you to try. Can you handle it?

Take your place atop a giant circular disk and get ready to spin. As your individual cluster begins to turn, pretty soon the whole world starts to rotate around you, so fast you can’t even move. The fun starts out innocently enough with a gentle spin, but then rotates faster and even faster. The spinning force will push you to your limit.

Hold on tight as you rise up the center pole — up 112 feet into the sky! As you rise high in the sky like a bird on its ascent, you'll begin to whirl around faster and faster! Experience the swoops and dives of Condor as you feel the wind in your hair and catch glimpses of the breathtaking skyline. Enjoy the freedom of the open air and whooshing spins as you wind back down to earth!

Fun Facts about Condor

  1. Condor is named after the world’s largest flying birds.
  2. This ride was introduced to Six Flags Great America in 1991.
  3. The Condor is manufactured by Huss Manufacturing.
  4. Condor’s base rotates 8 RPMs and its arms rotate 22 RPMs per ride.
  5. Condor is 112 feet tall. 

It may seem like the safest place at the park, but it isn’t. Condor is the home of the blackbirds, wicked and evil, they will pick you to death.

Individually, they may seem harmless – but be on alert when they start to flock together. You are along for the ride while these birds fly up to the sky to circle their prey- around and around they go up higher and higher.

Hold on tight as you soar through the sky with this flock. These brutal blackbirds are on the hunt for the on lookers below and won’t stop until they’re full. You’ll be lucky to leave with skin on your bones.

Minimum height for this ride is 42″ with an adult and 48″ alone.

Thrill Level

Minimum Height

42" with adult
48" to ride alone
Location in Park: 

Orleans Plaza

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