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Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America
Chicago, Illinois


Journey Through GOTHAM in its Darkest Hour!

If crime fighting’s his business, THE DARK KNIGHT has plenty of work to keep him busy. And on this all-enclosed indoor thrill coaster with more than 1,200 feet of track, you’ll get your chance to lend a helping hand. If you can outwit THE JOKER, that is!

At Harvey Dent’s press conference, THE JOKER interrupts the proceedings and complete pandemonium breaks loose. You’re evacuated to the GOTHAM CITY subway to make your escape. Well, there’s nothing like a nice little nerve-wracking stroll down into an authentic GOTHAM CITY rail station. As you may know, GOTHAM’s a rough town, and this run-down dilapidated subway station has seen better days. Board a vandalized train for a relentless ride through the very dark abandoned subway line, in an elaborately designed cinematic set. It’s covered with graffiti and lit by flickering strobes. If you keep your eyes peeled you just might see THE JOKER or THE DARK KNIGHT himself.

You will face six complete 180-degree hairpin turns, climb unseen hills, plunge into pitch darkness, and dip into unforeseen danger. Throughout the hair-raising twists and turns, THE JOKER is hot on your trail, tormenting you with hallucinatory images. The sinister, demented presence seems to be everywhere. Now you know why it isn’t easy fighting crime in town like this!

Fun Facts about THE DARK KNIGHT Coaster

  1. THE DARK KNIGHT Coaster was the first indoor at Six Flags Great America
  2. THE DARK KNIGHT Coaster goes up 3 stories
  3. The industry name for this ride is Wild Mouse
  4. To get to the ride platform you must go through authentic GOTHAM CITY Railway Station
  5. 4 people can ride in each car 
  6. THE DARK KNIGHT Coaster opened in 2008
  7. The DARK KNIGHT Coaster is 1,213 ft in track 
  8. The ride is about 2 minutes long
  9. The manufacturer of THE DARK KNIGHT Coaster is Mack Rides 

By The Numbers

1,213 feet
2 minutes
Mack Rides GmbH & Co KG
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

42" with adult
48" to ride alone
Location in Park: 

Orleans Place


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