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Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America
Chicago, Illinois
Hammerhead and Barracuda

Hammerhead and Barracuda

Extreme Bravery is Encouraged When Approaching These Maniacs.

Towering in the sky, Hammerhead and Barracuda are two of the fastest, craziest slides you’ll ever ride. This dual slide complex is strictly for daredevils, speed demons, and daring sea creatures.

This large, colorful serpentine flume will excite and delight you from the first second! It is a stunning feature of the park and has certainly caught your eye from the moment you arrived, but you have built up enough courage to ride it? You take on the challenge, and you and your friends hop onto the raft and hold on tight as you are tossed, turned, bounced and flung around like a bunch of ragdolls.

Some portions of this tube water slide are completely enclosed so you won’t see which unpredictable turn is coming up next, while other open sections allow the sun to shine down upon your face. You zoom down the five-story course, experiencing high speeds, steep drops, treacherous turns, multi-directional motions, and free-falling sensations — until you escape the man-eating creatures and plunge into shallow landing pool. Hammerhead and Barracuda always delivers the power and energy of the marine life it is named after.

By The Numbers

15 seconds
Pro Slide
Water Park Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Hurricane Harbor

Need a Swimsuit
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