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Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America
Chicago, Illinois
Hometown Fun Machine
Hometown Fun Machine

Hometown Fun Machine

The Ultimate Mix-Up for Students of Spin!

Some people like to spin, some like to twist, and some just think it’s funny to feel dizzy. Finally, a contraption has been devised to meet all of their needs! First this classic scrambler-style ride will spin you round and round, and then it’ll put a spin on the spin!

You will become a rotation station when you slide into one of 25 dizzying cars, all connected to a center rotating arm. When that arm starts to spin, the fun begins!

Once you’re turning around the center, we give the whole contraption a twist that begins to scramble your vision! Each cluster then pivots on its own axis, creating a spin within a spin that will have you plastered to your chair. You’re circling around the middle while the other riders circle around you — you’ll get wobbly just thinking about it.

The world rushes at you from all directions, zooming forward while you contort around the center in a whirlwind of heavy duty swerves. You’ll be spun around so many times you won’t remember if you’ve been here before. You will definitely have the time of your life. Just don’t expect to be able to walk in a straight line for a little while.

Fun Facts about Hometown Fun Machine 

  1. The industry name for Hometown Fun Machine is Scrambler
  2. Hometown Fun Machine  was one of the original rides in the park in 1976
  3. This ride has great lights and makes a great ride at night 
  4. The manufacturer is Eli Bridge Company
  5. The cars go around in a path of a star 

As ground zero for the nuclear explosion, this is easily the most dangerous location in the entire Chicago area. Toxic waste still haunts the site and the zombies here are the most infected in the city.

They’re also the hungriest. Hop on this dizzying ride and hold on tight. Amid fog and toxic gases riders become disoriented. You never know who…or what you will run into on this site. Going round and round as the more and more affected await you when you are finished!

Will you be able to navigate your way through Hometown Square when your feet hit solid ground again? Visit this landmark if you dare but remember that the more waste you encounter, the more terror you’ll find. These walking undead are literally dying to further their species.

Minimum height for this ride is 36″ with an adult and 48″ alone.

Hometown Fun Machine
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

36" with adult
48" to ride alone.
Location in Park: 

Hometown Square

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