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Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America
Chicago, Illinois

Hurricane Mountain

A Four-Story Mountain of Fun.

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to fly down a mountain on raging river rapids? You’re about to find out. Hike up four stories to the peak of Hurricane Mountain and hop into your tube for a rocky adventure down the terrain.

It seems harmless enough as you float down the winding course through the scenic mountainscape.  But soon you have to make a decision – stay on the sharp, wide-open course soaking in the sun, or navigate into a mysterious dark tunnel. If you choose the open journey, your raft voyage will continue with high slippery walls and weaving turns. If you choose to explore the tunnel, you are immediately plunged into darkness for a pitch-black adventure. You will feel a serious rush as you careen rapidly through this enclosed serpentine tunnel in complete and total darkness, not knowing where you’re going or where you’ve been.

By The Numbers

15 seconds
Pro Slide
Water Park Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Hurricane Harbor

Need a Swimsuit
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