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Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America
Chicago, Illinois
full roller coaster going down track

Raging Bull

Do You Have What it Takes to Tame the Bull?

Bull-taming is an ancient art that is still practiced today. Now you are going to experience this tough rodeo skill at Six Flags Great America. This legendary steel beast is the world’s first hyper-twister roller coaster, and at 202 feet tall, 5,057 feet long, and 73 miles per hour, it’s the tallest, longest, and fastest coaster at the park. These tough stats show that this is no peaceful bull — he’s trying to shake you off, and this beast bucks wildly so hang on tight!

Ride him up 20 stories to face the first terrifying drop. As you plunge down the 65-degree slope, you’ll cruise into an underground abyss. You will zoom through the course at a whopping 73 miles per hour, over a series of insane hills designed to give you maximum airtime. In bull-taming terms, that’s when your tail lifts off the saddle. You’ll soar through steep hills, bank hard left and right, and battle an extreme curved helix faster than any bull ever ran.

The winding serpentine action will feel just like a bull trying to shake you off his back, but hang on tight. With bravery and honor, you can say that you tamed the Raging Bull!

Fun Facts about Raging Bull 

  1. Raging Bull travels across the entire Southwest Territory
  2. The world’s first, “hyper-twister" roller coaster
  3. The track is almost a mile long
  4. The ride features six “inclined loops” (loops lying horizontally)
  5. Raging Bull was the 10th Roller Coaster that Great America built
  6. The side less trains make the ride more thrilling for passengers
  7. Named after a ferocious beast that terrorized the citizens of the old Southwest Territory until they fled the town and built the courtyard and mission seen today. The old mission serves as Raging Bull's loading platform.
  8. The Raging Bull has three trains a teal, red, yellow
  9. The bobsled ride Rolling Thunder was taken out to make room for Raging bull
  10. Raging Bull is a fan favorite at Six Flags Great America 



By The Numbers

5,057 feet
2 minutes, 40 seconds
Bolliger & Mabillard
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Southwest Territory



This attraction is sponsored by Milky Way

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