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Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America
Chicago, Illinois


Go For an Epic-Scale Spin.

Highly visible in the Park, Revolution makes an unforgettable impression. A large arm holds the center disk full of dizzy riders. The disk begins to spin as the arm swings powerfully back and forth.
With each forceful swing, the pendulum reaches a dizzying height and then swings back just as high on the opposite side. The momentum builds and you swing higher and higher, swaying back and forth. As you reach the maximum height, the disk pauses and then, without warning, begins to spin in the opposite direction. The pendulum then begins to slow and after being all scrambled up, riders return gently to the starting position. When the Revolution comes to an end, you are dazed, dizzy, and happy.
Fun Facts about Revolution 
  1. Revolution can hold up to 40 passengers
  2. Revolution was manufactured by HUSS in Germany
  3. Revolution is located in County Fair 
  4. The ride was introduced in 2004 with the patriotic theme
  5. Revolution spins guests more than 65 feet above the midway

Hear the slashing blades of the pendulum?

Step aboard this giant swinging pendulum, we guarantee it will pull you in every possible direction. Take a seat and get ready for a whirlwind. You may think that this is an ordinary ride but for some reason it has been very unpredictable as of late. They say “HIGHER, FASTER” and well… your wish has been granted. This ride is known to act very peculiar spinning riders every direction higher and faster than ever before. Where it will stop? Well, no one really knows…

We do know you may need to visit the Massacre Medical Center when you are done with your ride… I hear their prices are very reasonable.

Minimum height for this ride is 54″. Maximum height for this ride is 76″.

Thrill Level

Minimum Height

76" maximum
Location in Park: 

County Fair


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