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Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America
Chicago, Illinois

Yankee Clipper

Time to Cool Off!

Yankee Clipper is the best way to cool off this summer! Get your friends or your family and hop in a boat for a great ride through our scenic park. Start off by cruising through trees and nature taking a relaxing ride through the water.

Once you begin climbing up a lift hill towards to sky take in the incredible views of the park as your boat goes along a winding path. Suddenly you'll begin to plunge down a 60ft drop with plenty of water and splashing to get the whole crew wet and cool!

Fun Facts about Yankee Clipper

  1. Yankee Clipper's industry name is Boat Flume
  2. Be prepared to get soaked on this ride
  3. Travel on a scenic route that turns into a 60 foot free fall
  4. Yankee Clipper is located in Yankee Harbor
  5. Yankee Clipper was manufactured by Arrow Development 
  6. Yankee Clipper is an original ride to the park opening in 1976


By The Numbers

Top Speed
30 mph
60 feet
1,575 feet
Family Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

None with adult
42" to ride alone
Location in Park: 

Yankee Harbor


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