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Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America
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SFGM Group Sales - Educational

Educational Groups

Whether it’s for a reward, end-of-year celebration, senior trip or educational experience, we provide the perfect adventure for your class. The extraordinary thrills we provide will create an unforgettable day of memories for your group. Teachers will appreciate the ease of planning your trip and the special school savings will be appreciated by everyone.

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Six Great Reasons to Host Your Next School Event at Six Flags

Six Flags has what you need, whether you are looking for a special year-end celebration or a unique learning venue. Here are six reasons why a trip to Six Flags is a perfect fit for your class:

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Discount Pricing for Educational Groups
Educational groups receive special rates and discounts on tickets to Six Flags. The size of your discount depends on the size of your group.

Educational groups receive special rates and discounts on tickets to Six Flags. The size of your discount depends on the size of your group.

Groups of 100 or More

Groups of 100 or more can save over 50% off the cost of regular admission tickets.To learn more about bringing your group of 100 or more to the park, please call 847-625-7518.

Groups of 15 to 99

Groups of 15 to 99 students also receive special pricing on tickets to Six Flags. Buy your tickets now and save over 50% off the general admission price! We need to receive your order one week in advance for tickets to be mailed back to you. Orders received 4 – 6 days in advance will be available for pick up at Guest Relations. 

Tax Exempt Groups

Tax exemption is not eligible with group purchases. The Village of Gurnee tax is not a state sales tax; therefore, tax-exempt status does not pertain.

Order Tickets

Groups can purchase tickets directly online or fill out an order form. Use one of the links below to complete your purchase.



Experience the Midwest’s most thrilling interactive learning laboratory
A visit to Six Flags is a fun and engaging way to reinforce lessons learned in the classroom as well as reward students for a job well done.

Add a whole new meaning to "the thrill of learning" by connecting your curriculum to Six Flags. Amplify key themes and concepts from your classroom in a safe, stimulating environment. Open-ended discussions about physics, math, and fun promote critical and creative thinking among all ages and invite opportunities for students to consider multiple perspectives.

Teachers regularly use Six Flags to help teach their students:

  • Physics (magnetism, gravity, friction, potential energy, etc.)
  • Engineering
  • Geometry
  • Calculus
  • Science
  • Statistics
  • Business skills

Whether you are interested in one of our special subject-focused learning events or as a separate group on the day of your choice, Six Flags has packages and programs to meet your needs.

Please see the Educational Events listed at the bottom of the page for event details, special pricing and ordering instructions.

Delicious Dining On Your Visit

Don't experience the park on an empty stomach!

In-Park Catering Services

Six Flags catered outings offer a complete day of food and fun for groups of 100 or more without breaking the bank. Take the guesswork out of food planning and let our expert staff take the lead. Choose from signature picnic staples like our crispy fried chicken and all beef hot dogs, delicious sides, ice cream and unlimited pop.

Every package includes park admission and a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet so absolutely no one leaves hungry. Plus, the entire picnic experience takes place in our private picnic grove where you and your crew will truly be treated like VIPs.

Our Picnic Grove can accommodate groups of 100 to 10,000 so it is the perfect venue for both the smallest and largest group outings. The beauty is all this can be had for less than the regular admission price. Leave the planning to us and focus on spending a fun-filled day with your group. We will handle everything from set up to clean up.  We do all the work and you will receive all the credit.

One Day Dining

Six Flags offers another option to enjoy some of the delectable menu items all throughout the park: One Day Dining! Each guest will receive Lunch, Dinner, a Snack and a Single Day Drink Bottle for soda refills! There are so many options to choose from, and nearly every restaurant offers something incredible for One Day Dining.

The best part about School Groups and One Day Dining? A special SCHOOL ONLY price! Check out the flyer below for more information.


To see what restaurants participate in One Day Dining, see the flyer below.


Please note, meals and snacks must be redeemed in certain windows with One Day Dining. They are as follows:

  • Lunch 11:30am - 3:30pm
  • Dinner 4:30pm - 8:00pm
  • Snack 11:30am - 8:00pm


Performance Opportunities
Each season, we welcome local acts from around Illinois to perform at the park. There are several opportunities depending on your group type.

Six Flags Great America hosts an annual Six Flags Music Festival.  Join us for an incredible time and the chance to show off your amazing skills. This fun-filled music festival for concert choirs is open to elementary, middle school, junior high school and high school choirs and chorus! This includes men’s, mixed, treble and women’s choirs- you don't want to miss out on this chance to showcase what your schools has to offer.  Students will have the opportunity to perform on stage in the park. To learn more, visit 

Each season, we welcome local acts from around the Midwest to perform at the park. There are several opportunities depending on your group type.

Give your group the opportunity of a lifetime through a public performance at Six Flags Great America. We have several options for showcase your group’s talents inside our park as part of a memorable visit to Six Flags.

These performances provide an even greater special group rate to visit the park and offer great exposure to the performers. Groups are responsible for bringing their own equipment and sound system if applicable.

Want to book your group or need more information? Check out the order form below! 


Educational Events (any park)

We host a number of special educational events just for schools and youth groups. Many of these events are designed to meet special curricular standards.

SFGAm School Group FAQs

Pricing and Admission 

What is the minimum size of a group?

Our group rates start with a minimum of 15 people. However, if you are purchasing tickets for one of our educational events, there is no minimum and groups of any size qualify for the discounted event ticket.

Planning Your Visit 

How can we cancel or reschedule my school’s visit?

Tickets are non-refundable, but expired tickets may be used with a $20.00 surcharge when taken to Guest Relations.
Special Event tickets have specific dates printed on them.
Prepaid group tickets are valid to be used any one day 14 days after their requested visit date.

Can my group attend on any day or just certain days?

The online calendar shows dates and times of operation, and if Hurricane Harbor is open. Tickets are non-refundable, but expired tickets may be used with a $20.00 surcharge when taken to Guest Relations.
Special Event tickets have specific dates printed on them.
Prepaid group tickets are valid to be used any one day 14 days after their requested visit date.

When is the best time to visit?

Spring through mid-June. 

General Questions 

How far in advance do I need to pay for my tickets?

Online group tickets may be purchased at any time with no waiting.  Purchases using the group order form and processed by the park should be received at the park 7 or more business days in advance with a $10.00 processing fee, or 4-6 business days $20.00 processing fee. Processing fee information is shown on the group order form that is found online under our GROUPS page.

How many chaperones can I bring?

Groups may bring unlimited chaperones for the same group price.

How do we get additional chaperone tickets after we schedule our trip?

Prepaid group tickets receive one free ticket once 20 tickets are purchased, and then one additional ticket for every 20 tickets purchased. If additional tickets are needed, the group leader may go to Guest Relations with their ID and purchase tickets for the same group price. Guest Relations accepts cash and credit cards only.

What is your policy regarding chaperones?

The number of chaperones is decided by the school or group’s leader.

What happens if the park closes due to weather?

The park is open rain or shine. Many rides will stay open in light rain, but safety is first. Certain rides may close until the weather issue has passed.

Annual Flash Sale 

How should I prepare for my schools’ visit?

Group and Special Event tickets must be purchased before the group arrives.
Less is best for bringing items into the Park.
Make sure students have contact information for their teacher or chaperones,  have a designated place to meet during the day to check in, and a meeting plan for the end of the day.
Teachers may leave their school name and contact information at First Aid in Hometown Square, or any medicine a student may need. It’s a good idea for the teacher to tell students where First Aid is, or that they may ask any team member or security to direct them if needed. 

Is the ticket price all inclusive?

The group ticket is an admission ticket to the Park, which includes rides and shows. Hurricane Harbor has an additional fee that can be purchased at the Hurricane Harbor entrance gate. Attractions, such as Go Karts or Dare Devil Dive, may require a separate fee.