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The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor
The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor
Lake George, New York
Alpine Bobsled

Alpine Bobsled

Go for the Gold!

There is no greater honor for an athlete than participating in the Olympic Games. For the last century, bobsled racing has been one of the most popular and thrilling winter sports. Now, looking up at the 1,490-foot long mountain bobsled trail winding through the sky, you’ll feel more respect than ever for the awesome achievement of Olympic athletes.

Alpine Bobsled is an entirely original coaster that you ride inside the track. In fact, there is no track at all—you will simply speed-glide like a bullet down the mountain, on a smooth high-walled course that is identical to what the Olympians ride. This authentic Olympic adventure was inspired by the Olympic games of 1980 and 1932 in nearby Lake Placid.

When you enter the Alpine ski lodge, you will be given your bobsled for this world class race. You can ride with Canada, Italy, or proudly represent your home team; the U.S. There’s even a sled for the famous Jamaican bobsled team! 

Your sled will pulse through the interior of this snow white half pipe. There are no rails to ride on—you’ll be blasting over a completely smooth surface, surfing the walls of every turn like a rocketing team of bobsledders at 35 miles per hour! With no track whatsoever to guide you, you’ll feel more like the captain of your Olympic team than the plain old thrill-seeking coaster fiend you were when you boarded the ride.

You’ll wind all the way down the hillside from 64 feet up, banking hard up the high walls at every stomach-churning twist. Then you’ll win the first ever gold medal in fun.

A mystery so deadly that the greatest scientists in Lake George have gone mad trying to understand it.

Alpine Bobsled is one of the most popular rides in the park. What most people don’t know is that it hides a mystery so deadly and befuddling that some of the greatest scientists in the Lake George region have gone mad trying to understand it while others have simply died of fright.

Within the workings of this ride lives something so wretched and so elusive, not much more can safely be said. No one knows where it came from. No one knows its demented goal. When it first arrived our best maintenance men tried to expel it. They’re all dead now. Or missing. Or zombified. Or retired.

This wicked invader raids the brain, melting and reconstructing the living tissue, replacing normal cells with the eggs of its evil nature. The eggs hatch immediately and, repulsed by the pleasant thoughts and feelings they encounter, the hatchlings vomit up their disgusting essence. The foul liquid coats the minds of thrill riders and, by the time they reach the ground, the pain is so intense, the sound so loud, and the ideas so hideous, their original personalities are only vague memories.

Once-innocent riders – now possessed – are directed to mingle with unsuspecting friends and others in the crowd to spread their wickedness. We warn our visitors, but evil does as evil pleases.

Minimum Height: 42″

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Alpine Bobsled Terror
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