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The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor
The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor
Lake George, New York
Blizzard Indoors
Blizzard Indoors
Blizzard Indoors
Blizzard Indoors


Spaz Out When You Spin Out On The Bone-Chilling Blizzard!

Returning to its original home, the Great Escape’s Blizzard is once again an indoor scrambler experience featuring lights, sound and air-conditioning. It is guaranteed to be a sensory overload for guests of all ages

.A crazy winter storm is rolling in, but there’s not even a cloud in the sky! This is one kind of blizzard you’ll find in every season—and you won’t even get any snow in your boots! Spin-lovers, you’re about to feel what it’s like to be twirled around in a ferocious snow storm, on this classic scrambler. First the Blizzard will spin you round and round, and then it’ll put a spin on the spin!

Take a look around as you pile into one of the ice blue two-person cars clustered around the center. The skies still look blue now, but once we give the whole contraption a twist, your vision will start to scramble! You’re circling around the middle while the other riders circle around you—you’ll get wobbly just thinking about it. So try not to think about it and just hold on. This is also good advice when a blizzard blows through town!

The faster the spin, the harder you’ll be pressed to the sides of the car—so in other words, prepare to be smooshed! No matter if it’s summer, winter, spring, or fall, prepare to be mixed up, swirled around, and scrambled by the Blizzard! Feeling a little dizzy?

No Blizzard ride vehicle is safe. If one rat is spotted, the other thousand are sure to be right behind.

Deep beneath Blizzard is a secret laboratory where mad scientists create new roller coasters and other attractions using toothpick models and thousands of timid white mice. Until recently these mice have enjoyed their role in growing theme park technology — most of the advancements that have taken place over the last 20 years are due to their effort. However, things changed just last week after an experiment involving some sponge cake and a frialator went horribly, horribly wrong.

One by one mice disappeared from their cages. The locks on the cages appeared to have been gnawed through from the outside. Tiny little teeth marks. It’s as if these useful, but simple, creatures have joined together to free each other.

Now growing bands of rodents crawl through the vents, emerging at night below the platform of Blizzard. They roam the queuing areas in search of unsuspecting individuals…seeking to satiate their unquenchable taste for human flesh.

Once their prey is cornered, defense is hopeless, they flow over the victim’s body and begin to feed. Screams don’t deter them–it just makes them angrier. Blood only increases their ferocity. Bones are picked clean and, in an instant, keen, high-pitched rat cries pierce the night’s cover.

No Blizzard ride vehicle is safe. Blue cars are especially vulnerable. Noise and smell attract these former scientific “sacrifices” to their potential prey. Speed, height, and constant movement are the only methods of avoidance. If one rat is spotted, the other thousand are sure to be right behind.

Minimum Height: 36″, 48” to ride alone

Blizzard Rodent Attack
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Under 48" must be accompanied by a guest over 54". No lap children.
Location in Park: 

Fest Area


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