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The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor
The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor
Lake George, New York

Extreme Supernova

Take a Spin on Extreme Supernova

Get ready for a high-flying, spinning adventure that will lift you up 50 feet in the air and spin you head-over-heels. Extreme Supernova features impressive heights, astonishing speeds, heart-racing swings, unpredictable spins, and stomach-tightening flips. You won’t be able to tell which way is up in this giant pendulum.

Take a seat with 15 other bold riders and load into the giant pendulum-shaped structure. Suspended from the axis above, you’ll face outward as the floor drops from below you. You’ll first complete several back and forth swings, high and low, elevating up near-vertically before flying through to the other side. This thrill ride plays on your anticipation as you wait for the next pivot that will spin you almost upside down in a gut-wrenching inverted spin. Extreme Supernova offers fantastic inverted views of The Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom as you hang up in the air and twist nearly upside down.

While the giant arm sways you, you’ll also be spinning in circles simultaneously, twisting around and around until you can’t see straight. The constant swinging and whirling will deliver maximum G-forces, high-flying sensations, and extreme dizziness.

There’s no melody. Maybe it’s just laughter. Or a sad distant cry. But no man can resist the Sirens.

Extreme Supernova can be an exceptionally dangerous place to hang out at night. It seems safe enough — nestled in the back of the park, far away from the loudest screams of terror. Don’t be fooled. The ride sits adjacent to Lake Lumberjack — the deepest body of water in the park and the home to the terrifying, man destroying Sirens.

In ancient Greece, Sirens were stunning spirits who lured sailors to their deaths. Their voices called to the spellbound young men, who could not resist these sweet tones and seductive promises. These Sirens, in time, spread to every corner of the globe (including our park) in search of male victims, young and old, though they liked the young best.

Once their prey is within their arms and in their power, a torture begins that has no end. They tear eyelashes from lids, pour hot oil in ears, and use their razor-sharp nails to create bloody trails across skin that is stretched to the breaking point. Deadly kisses begin sweetly and end in a mouthful of flesh.

This is what they live for. The ubiquitous screams. The unspeakable suffering. The ultimate demise.

Often, at night, when the light is just right, they spot someone they desire, here at the park – strapped in and powerless to resist. Just as the ride takes off, their enchanting Siren song can be heard, if ever so faintly.

It might not have a melody. It might be only laughter. Or the hum of machinery. Or an eerie, distant cry. But this much is certain: no man can resist.

Minimum Height: 48″

By The Numbers

Supernova Siren Song
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Fest Area, in front of the Comet


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