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The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor
The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor
Lake George, New York
Flying Trapeze

Flying Trapeze

Fly Through the Air With the Greatest of Ease!

Every kid dreams of joining the circus at one time or another. Imagine the thrill of swinging through the air at the top of the circus tent without a net! Well, now you get to live the life of a great trapeze artist—without having to smell like elephants all the time.

Grab a seat and let the wind do all the work for a show-stopping sail through the sky, on a classic wave swinger that will give you an instant class in the art of flying.

A circle of swing chairs sit peacefully on the ground, but not for long. Choose a good one and get ready to kiss the ground goodbye. You’re gently picked up and start to slowly swirl around the center. Soon you’ll be flying through the air, on this seated, swinging, twisting spinner, sailing through the trees.

Spinning round in a perfect formation, the seats keep rising up higher into a giant flying circle in the sky, like a great big merry-go-round just hanging out in thin air. This is turning into a world-class circus act! Not bad for your first day.

Ride vehicle by vehicle, the zombie numbers continue to grow on this “leisurely ride“on the Flying Trapeze.

There is no better way to relax following an evening of screams than a leisurely ride on the Flying Trapeze! It is one of the most unique rides in the park, and it shouldn’t surprise you that it has a fantastic history. Few people know this, but beneath the ride lies an ancient burial ground!

The land along with the area as always been fairly quiet and nothing out of the normal was every encountered until recently. Lately though guests have said they’ve heard what sounds like digging and muffled groaning coming from beneath the ride. An inspector was called to the scene to make sure everything was safe and noticed there was something odd in a below cave under the Trapeze there were bodies, green and slimy and…moving. Panicked and terrified the inspector quickly covered his tracks and thought he sealed the area so these mutants couldn’t get out. Be it appears he was wrong. These zombie are out for snacks…occasionally grabbing, mauling and eating teens who are in this area (for reasons we can’t explain they seem to ignore everyone over 30).

To be fair, these zombies have been lying there in the ground for a very long time and are fairly hungry. Their insatiable appetite for blood and the possession of young souls drives them on. Screams of terror provide the soundtrack to the zombie invasion as it destroys the very hopes – and the very lives – of a once trusting and generous Shazam community.

Ride vehicle by ride vehicle, the zombie numbers grow. No one is spared.

As you would expect, the newly converted suddenly crave the warmth of tasty flesh, the flavor of brains exquisitely warmed to 98.6 degrees, and – of course – the delicious bouquet of blood. They head for the entrance and the fringes of the swings in search of places where people gather together at night. Quickly, they find their targets and begin their gruesome harvest.

This is their time of year and their kind of place – packed with people in costume who won’t be missed. A place with lots of noise and plenty of shadows. Zombies blend right in with the crowd… until their blood-drenched hands reach for a nearby arm or they lean toward someone and whisper, in a sickening-sweet sort of way, “Mind if I cut in line?”

Minimum Height: 42″

By The Numbers

Flying Trapeze Zombie Invasion
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Fest Area

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