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The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor
The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor
Lake George, New York
Storytown Train

Storytown Train

Celebrate the Park That’s Been Making Magic Since 1954

Woot woot! All aboard this real working diesel engine locomotive for a rambling tour of the history of The Great Escape on the original Storytown railroad. The beautifully-maintained train tooting its whistle is yours for the afternoon. You’ll ride on a breezy excursion around the outskirts of Storytown and the surrounding countryside at a fun, relaxed pace. Give your feet a rest and step into the past.

This site has been a home to theme parks since 1954. As your train explores the back roads, you’ll see a series of placards commemorating historical milestones in the development of the park as we know it today.

You’ll also reunite with some old friends from the old days of Storytown, like Coco PoPo the purple cow and Humpty Dumpty. You’ll even meet the elephants of Jungle Land.

As you cruise past a beautiful river on your 15 minute round trip, just take a breather from your day of wall-to-wall thrills on this family-favorite smooth country tour.

By The Numbers

Family Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Under 42" must be accompanied by a guest over 54". No lap children.
Location in Park: 


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