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The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor
The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor
Lake George, New York
Language: English

TGE Group Sales - Educational

Educational Groups

Whether it’s for a reward, end-of-year celebration, senior trip or educational experience, we provide the perfect adventure for your class. The extraordinary thrills will provide an unforgettable day of memories for your group. Teachers will appreciate the ease of booking the trip and the savings offered by our special school rates.

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Six Great Reasons to Host Your Next School Event at The Great Escape

The Great Escape has what you need, whether you are looking for a special reward opportunity or a unique learning venue. Here are six reasons why a trip to The Great Escape is perfect for your class:

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Experience Lake George’s Most Thrilling Interactive Learning Laboratory
A visit to The Great Escape is a fun and engaging way to reinforce lessons learned in the classroom as well as reward students for a job well done.


Add a whole new meaning to "the thrill of learning" by connecting your curriculum to The Great Escape. Amplify key themes and concepts from your classroom in a safe, stimulating environment. Open-ended discussions about physics, math, and fun promote critical and creative thinking among all ages and invite opportunities for students to consider multiple perspectives.

Teachers regularly use The Great Escape to help teach their students:

  • Physics (magnetism, gravity, friction, potential energy, etc)
  • Engineering
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Business skills

Whether you're interested in one of our special subject-focused learning events or as a separate group on the day of your choice, The Great Escape has packages and programs to meet your needs.

Please see the Educational Events listed at the bottom of the page for Event details, including special pricing and ordering instructions.

In-Park Catering Services

Don't experience the park on an empty stomach!

Our catered outings offer a complete day of food and fun for groups of 50 or more without breaking the bank. Take the guesswork out of food planning and let our trained, expert staff take the lead. Choose from signature picnic staples like burgers and hot dogs or enjoy chicken, pasta, steak, desserts and more.

Every package includes park admission, and an all-you-can-eat buffet so absolutely no-one leaves hungry. Plus, the entire picnic experience takes place in your own private pavilion where you and your crew will truly be treated like VIPs. You can even customize your day with fun add-ons like souvenir photos, private shows, caricature artists, games, DJs, face painters and more.

Our Picnic Grove can accommodate groups of 50 to 10,000 so it's the perfect venue for both the smallest and largest group outings. Large groups can even plan the ultimate getaway with an exclusive event that includes private access to the entire park for a truly unique and unforgettable experience – all for often less than the regular admission price. Leave the planning to us and focus on spending a fun-filled day with your group. We promise you take all the credit.

Discount Pricing for Educational Groups
Educational groups receive special rates and discounts on tickets to The Great Escape. The size of your discount depends on the size of your group.

Educational groups receive special rates and discounts on tickets to The Great Escape. The size of your discount depends on the size of your group.

Groups of 50 or More

Groups of 50 or more can save over 50% off the cost of regular admission tickets. To learn more about bringing your group of 100 or more to the park, please call 518-824-8922.

Groups of 15 to 99

Smaller groups of 15 to 99 students also receive special pricing on tickets to The Great Escape. All group orders receive one complimentary admission for every 15 pre-purchased tickets. School Group Tickets are valid weekdays only on select days and must be ordered at least 21 days in advance.

  • School Group K-6 $23.99
  • School Group 7-12 $27.50

Three-week advance purchase required for tickets to be mailed back to you. Minimum purchase of four business days in advance for tickets to be held at Will Call.

Online Ordering of 15-99 tickets: Buy 15-99 tickets online and print them immediately with Print-N-Go. Orders of 50-99 can also be shipped. Online orders require credit card payment and are subject to tax.

Tax Exempt Groups

Tax exemption is not eligible for online purchases. Please mail or phone in your order for tax exemption purposes. You can download and print our order form to complete your order by mail.

Educational Events (any park)

We host a number of special educational events just for schools and youth groups. Many of these events are designed to meet special curricular standards.

GE School Group FAQs

Food and Meals 

Are we allowed to bring in outside food and drinks?

No, outside food and beverage is not allowed into the theme park. We offer a great variety of options in the theme park to accommodate nearly any request, especially with our catered meal options.

Do you offer vegetarian or special dietary options?

YES! Please let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to make your visit a success!

What kind of food/dining packages are available?

Great Escape offers many different culinary options for groups. If you are looking for a meal-on the go in the theme park, our pre-paid meal vouchers are a great option and offer a variety of meal choices.

If you are a group looking to celebrate, have a delicious meal in a private area and have our team do all of the work, our catered meal options are what you are looking for. There are 5 standard catered packages all-of which include admission to Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom, parking, an all-you-can-eat buffet with ice cream novelties and unlimited self-serve fountain beverages during your meal time.

General Questions 

What is your policy regarding chaperones?

We offer 1 free admission ticket for every 15 pre-purchased admission tickets

Do we all have to arrive and enter the park at the same time?

Each guest is required to present a ticket in order to gain entry to the theme park. As long as you have distributed your tickets in advance of your visit, you may enter at your leisure.

How much does each ticket delivery option cost?

All of our standard ticket delivery options are no cost (FedEx Ground or park pick-up)

How early can we arrive on the day of our event? When does the parking lot open?

Our parking lot opens 1.5 hours before our theme parks scheduled open time. You are welcome to arrive in advance to park open but please know the park will not open earlier than our posted hours.

Can students use their Season Passes to enter the park?

Season Passes are valid on visits to the park during normal operating hours. Please note there are certain events at the theme park in which a Season Pass is not valid for entry (i.e. Senior Nite).

Do we have to pay for parking if we come in multiple cars?

If arriving by car you will need to pay for parking. We recommend you purchase pre-paid parking vouchers with your ticket order to save money and glide through our parking plaza.

Do you have a place for buses or large vans to park at the Park?

YES! We recommend your bus driver unload at the main gate before heading to the parking area. Doing this will keep your group together and get you on the rides even faster!

Can I change my order?

Orders can be modified provided your event date is still more than 14 days away. Pre-paid ticket orders which have already sent payment may only increase their order. Please contact our Group Sales Department at 518.792.3500 ext. 3361 to speak with the representative regarding any changes/modifications.

Can students purchase souvenirs during their visit?

YES! We have many locations throughout the theme park to purchase items to remember your visit including our brand new Coaster Candy store opening in 2017!

When is payment due?

To secure the pre-purchased ticket rate, your order must be paid in full no less than 21 days if you are paying by check or 7 days if you are paying by credit card.

Groups who have chosen to have a meal at our park in our catering pavilion will be invoiced after their visit with NET 30 payment terms.

Can Bugs Bunny or Batman visit our group?

Great Escape is home to the Timbertown Characters. If you would like to see them visit your group during lunch at our Catering Pavilions, please contact us in advance to discuss setting up a special visit.

What methods of payment do you accept?

To secure the pre-purchased ticket rate, your order must be paid in full no less than 21 days if you are paying by check or 7 days if you are paying by credit card.

Groups who have chosen to have a meal at our park in our catering pavilion will be invoiced after their visit with NET 30 payment terms.

My group includes children with special needs. How do I proceed?

Great Escape is a great location for all guests! We strive to safely accommodate the needs of all guests including guests with disabilities. Please view our Guests with Disabilities page for information regarding safety and accessibility guidelines and our Attraction Access Passes. A copy of our Safety and Accessibility guide is available online and also at Guest Relations. If you are visit with someone and need information on our Safety and Accessibility Guide programs please contact us at 518.792.3500 ext. 3410.

A student needs to leave early. Can their parent pick them up?

Student Departures are managed by the group chaperones. In the event a student is requesting to leave with their parents, the school will make the decision whether or not to permit it.

How far in advance do I need to pay for my tickets?

To secure the pre-purchased ticket rate, your order must be paid in full no less than 21 days if you are paying by check or 7 days if you are paying by credit card.

How much money (cash) should students bring?

We recommend if students are purchasing their own meals in addition to playing games and purchasing retail items they should bring $50. Other methods of payment are accepted throughout the theme park including our gaming locations and retail stores.

Do you have private meeting spaces?

If you have a group of 75 people or more, you may rent one of our private picnic pavilions.

How many chaperones can I bring?

You are able to bring as many chaperones as your group deems necessary. Please note our chaperone comp ticket policy only allows for 1 free admission ticket for every 15 pre-purchased admission tickets. If more chaperones attend than would be privy to the comp ticket policy, they would need to have a purchased ticket in order to gain admission.

What personal items and types of bags are allowed in the park?

Our park does not have any types of bag restrictions for our guests. We do recommend when choosing a bag you stay away from suitcase style bags. To review a list of items not allowed in the park please visit

A student had a ticket lost or stolen. What can we do?

Please contact the Group Sales Office Immediately at 518.792.3500 ext. 3361 for any lost or stolen tickets.

How do we get additional chaperone tickets after we schedule our trip?

If you have scheduled your trip and need to add-on additional guests contact our group sales department at 518.792.3500 ext. 3361. Any additional orders placed more than 7 days in advance of your visitation date will be factored into the comp ticket policy.
Please note you are able to purchase additional tickets at our main gate on the day of your visit with your reservation form. Tickets purchased at the main gate are not privy to our chaperone comp ticket policy.

Can we leave tickets at Will Call?

Tickets may be left at will call provided you have separated the tickets into an envelope and labeled it with the person who will be picking them up in advance to your arrival.

Can I return tickets that I don’t use?

Pre-purchased tickets are non-refundable. In the event you do have unused tickets please contact the group sales office at 518.792.3500 ext. 3361

Trip Planning 

What happens if the park closes due to weather?

The Great Escape is a rain-or-shine operation, and we very rarely close for weather. In the interest of our guests’ safety, we will shut down any rides that could pose a hazard in the current weather conditions, opening them again when the weather has passed. We do not offer refunds or tickets as compensation.

Can my group attend on any day or just certain days?

Group pricing is available on any operating day. Be sure to check out our Special Events and our Education Days as these can add to an already awesome day!

How should I prepare for my schools’ visit?

There are 3 main things to check: 1. Make sure you have enough tickets; if you need more call us at 518.792.3500 ext. 3361 and let us know! We will assist you in the best way of acquiring more tickets for your visit. 2. If you will be visiting our catering area for your lunch, make sure you have the correct amount of wristbands. If you need more, contact us at 518.792.3500 ext. 3361 and we will help make sure you have the correct amount for your visit. 3. Give us a call the day before you visit and we will go over arrival/drop-off & pick-up information to make sure you and your group have a “Great Escape”

When is the best time to visit?

The best visitation days are Fridays in June. Our theme park and outdoor water park have extended hours on this weekday.

How can we cancel or reschedule my school’s visit?

You can reschedule your visit by calling our Group Sales department at 518.792.3500 ext. 3361. Cancellation are taken on a case by case basis.

What is the process for booking an educational group visit?

Educational Days are available for booking through out website and downloading an order form or by contacting our group sales department at 518.792.3500 ext. 3361

Do you have audio equipment available?

Yes, audio equipment is available for no additional charge to our groups using the private catering pavilions. Please let us know at least 7 days in advance if you would like to request audio equipment.

Do you have any special tours available for park groups?

We have two special opportunities for children and teachers to experience math and physics in an outdoor learning environment. These are special days tailored to provide a once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity just for students: Physics Day and Math & Science Day.

What kind of learning guides or worksheets are available?

Workbooks are available for Math, Science and Engineering Days (3 different age groups), Art & Science Day (K-3) and Physics Day.

Pricing and Admission 

Is there a processing fee?

Orders purchased through our Group Sales office are subject to a $5.00 processing fee.

What is the minimum size of a group?

Minimum Group Size is 15

How much of a deposit do you require?

Depending on the type of visit you are planning at our park decides the deposit requirements. Groups who are visiting and have chosen to include a catered meal at our private picnic pavilion area are required to submit a $500 deposit to secure their date.
Groups who are visiting our park and are choosing to eat using meal vouchers or have chosen not to pre-purchase a meal, do not require a deposit but must be paid in full prior to their event as outlines in our payment details.