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Attractions by Height

Don’t wait until you get to the park. Check our attraction height requirements ahead of time!

Name of Attraction Description Minimum Heightsort ascending Additional Info

A giant devilish ride that will turn your body upside down in unpredictable ways!

137.2 cm (54")

The Vampire takes you on a menacing ride of relentless loops and twists!

137.2 cm (54")

Ride a mile of ultra slim, ultra fast track over hyper sized loops and twists. Are you brave enough?

137.2 cm (54")

Climb aboard the tallest two-track wooden roller coaster in the whole World!

132.1 cm (52")

A swinging, dizzying adventure atop a giant swaying pendulum!

132.1 cm (52")

Dare to face a real sea monster?

132.1 cm (52")

This masterpiece moves like a huge pendulum!

132.1 cm (52")

Ready for a rocket launch up to space?

132.1 cm (52")

Canada’s First Ever Free-Fly Roller Coaster at La Ronde!

132,1 cm (52")

Race down a trio of high-speed loops, then boomerang all the way back to the start – backwards.

121.9 cm (48") with adult
Tour de Ville

A jumbo carousel tower hoists you into the air for a swinging dance

121.9 cm (48")

Defying gravity aboard Vertigo!

121.9 cm (48")
Bateau Pirate

All hands on deck for a wild high seas adventure!

121.9 cm (48")
Vol Ultime

You will literally have the world at your feet!

111.8 cm (44") with adult

Spread your wings and take to the sky as these birds of a feather flock together.

111.8 cm (44") with adult
Disco Ronde

Get your disco shoes on and step into the rythm of the night!

111.8 cm (44") with adult

Get ready for the ultimate skydiving experience! Additional fees apply.

111.8 cm (44")
Sling Shot

Become a human slingshot when you are catapulted!

111.8 cm (44")
Autos Tamponneuses

Get ready for a bumpy ride!

111.8 cm (44")
Toboggan Nordique

Run through thrilling mountain slopes aboard the Toboggan Nordique!


106.7 cm (42") with adult

Plunge headfirst into the supreme wave!

106.7 cm (42")

Join in the spectacular dance of Gravitor

106.7 cm (42")

An into dark steel roller coaster for the thrill seekers.

106,7 cm (42") with adult
Aqua Twist

Get soaked on this new interactive water ride!

91.4 cm (36") with adult

A mythical bird that has risen from the ashes… this time as a flying scooter!

91.4 cm (36") Maximum 1 adult per child
La Marche du mille-pattes

Junior thrill seekers will experience high speed for the first time!

91.4 cm (36") Maximum 1 adult per child
Ourson Fripon

Share a good laugh with Ourson Fripon!

91.4 cm (36") Not accessible to 137.2 cm (54") and more
La Grande Envolée

Whirl through the sky on a revolving hot air balloon!

91.4 cm (36") Maximum 1 adult per child
Joyeux Moussaillons

Turn your little ones into real captains on this adventurous boat journey!

None with adult Less than 91.4 cm (36") must be accompanied by an adult
Air Papillon

A crazy ride for the little ones craving fun!

None with adult Less than 91.4 cm (36") with adult

The rotating, aerial cabin offers views of the Montreal skyline from 73 meters in the air.

None with adult 48" to ride alone
Pommes d’Api

Twirl in the sky aboard Pommes d’Api!

None with adult Less than 91.4 cm (36") with adult

Get on board for a stylish tour around the park!

None with adult 132.1 cm required for single boarding
Grand Carrousel

Step back in time aboard the carousel, everyone's favorite forever.

None with adult Less than 91.4 cm (36") with adult
Tchou Tchou

The kids love this little train that goes around La Ronde. Choo, choo!

None with adult Less than 91.4 cm (36") with adult
Monsieur L’Arbre

Little birds can beat their wings and fly up to the treetops.

None with adult Less than 91.4 cm (36") with adult
Grande Roue

 Get on a ride that stood the test of time.

None with adult Less than 91.4 cm (36") with adult
La Danse des Bestioles

High flying adventure awaits young thrill seekers in training as their bugs lift off for fun!

None with adult Less than 91.4 cm (36") with adult
Marais Enchanté This cruise doesn’t need water to make you feel wavy! None with adult Less than 91.4 cm (36") with adult
Le Galopant

Step back in time and choose your horse on this restored old time classic carousel.

None with adult Less than 91.4 cm (36") with adult

Tourbillon will send you spinning, twisting and rolling, get ready for a whirlwind of fun!


Chaos, a seven story, chaotic loop roller coaster.