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Thrill Rides

Looking for thrills? Well, you've found them.You have found some of the fastest, tallest, wildest, most gut-wrenching rides in the country; including a few record breakers. Only at La Ronde!


  • Bateau Pirate

    Near the Condor

    Minimum Height: 121.9 cm (48")

    All hands on deck for a wild high seas adventure!

  • Boomerang

    Near the Manitou

    Minimum Height: 121.9 cm (48") with adult

    Race down a trio of high-speed loops, then boomerang all the way back to the start – backwards.

  • Chaos, a seven story, chaotic loop roller coaster.

  • Guests on Démon

    In front of Le Monstre

    Minimum Height: 137.2 cm (54")

    A giant devilish ride that will turn your body upside down in unpredictable ways!

  • Ednör
    Minimum Height: 132.1 cm (52")

    Dare to face a real sea monster?

  • Goliath
    Minimum Height: 137.2 cm (54")

    Ride a mile of ultra slim, ultra fast track over hyper sized loops and twists. Are you brave enough?

  • Visitors enjoying Manitou
    Minimum Height: 132.1 cm (52")

    This masterpiece moves like a huge pendulum!

  • Monstre

    Near the Super Manège

    Minimum Height: 132.1 cm (52")

    Climb aboard the tallest two-track wooden roller coaster in the whole World!

  • Orbite

    Near Vol Ultime

    Minimum Height: 132.1 cm (52")

    Ready for a rocket launch up to space?

  • Guests on Sling Shot
    Additional Fee Required
    Minimum Height: 111.8 cm (44")

    Become a human slingshot when you are catapulted!

  • Splash
    Minimum Height: 106.7 cm (42")

    Plunge headfirst into the supreme wave!

  • Titan pendulum coaster
    Minimum Height: 132.1 cm (52")

    A swinging, dizzying adventure atop a giant swaying pendulum!

  • Vampire

    Near the Cobra

    Minimum Height: 137.2 cm (54")

    The Vampire takes you on a menacing ride of relentless loops and twists!

  • Vertigo
    Minimum Height: 121.9 cm (48")

    Defying gravity aboard Vertigo!

  • Vol Ultime
    Minimum Height: 111.8 cm (44") with adult

    You will literally have the world at your feet!

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