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Seasonal Jobs

If you’re looking for a job for the 2018 summer season, it’s time to fill in your application. Deadline to submit your application: March 23, 2018. Interviews will be held in April 2018. Please note that La Ronde will only contact selected applicants, and will do so via email.

Customer service skills, excellent oral communication skills, courtesy and empathy, sense of responsibilities, good grooming and self-control. Applicants must be 16 years or older as of Opening Season.

Available Positions:

This is a highly versatile job. The persons recruited for this job will have to carry out several tasks related to customer service on La Ronde’s site.

Tasks not requiring special skills:

  • Maintenance (cleanliness of site)
  • Operation of rides

Tasks requiring specific skills:

  • Guest Relations
    Bilingualism (French and English, spoken and written)
  • Sewing and uniform care
    At least two years of related experience
    Ability to make alterations
  • Parking Lots
    Direction of traffic flow, supervision of parking and traffic lanes
    Must be 18 years or older and possess a driver’s licence
  • Ticket sales and collection of revenue
    Knowledge of revenue collection tools
    Ability at handling money
    Ease at working with specific pricing

This is a highly versatile job. The persons recruited for this job will have to carry out various tasks related to La Ronde’s restaurant offer.

Tasks not requiring specific skills:

  • Cashier
  • Busboy
  • Cook
  • Warehouse Clerk
  • Catering Service Clerk
  • Street Vendor

Tasks requiring specific skills:

  • Barmaid (course of barmaid)

Job consists at welcoming customers and mainly sells souvenirs as well as some food prepared on site (fudge, etc.).


This is a multifaceted job. Depending on the needs it may consist in welcoming visitors, checking tickets and issuing season passes, and answering inquiries from the public.


FINANCE CLERK (mainly night shift)
The finance clerk is responsible for the collection of money and coins. He assists his supervisor in the preparation of bank deposits, and controls the issuance and returns of tickets.


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