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Each year, over 28 million visitors walk through the welcoming gates of a Six Flags park.

Three-quarters of those 28 million are in attendance with their families. And from Spring Break to Halloween, Six Flags is a key destination for kids and tweens. Park sponsorship gives your brand the opportunity to connect emotionally with these valuable consumers at their most receptive-during a fun-filled, day-long getaway.


More Than Partners

A recent independent national research study found Six Flags enjoys significantly greater brand equity than any other theme park. We offer our sponsors an exclusive, uncluttered environment — the best way to communicate to consumers one-on-one.

Whether it's through in-park sponsorship of new rides, exposure online and in-park throughout our award-winning media networks, event sponsorship or sampling and couponing, Six Flags guarantees your company will enjoy strong visibility and presence. Our Marketing Services Department looks forward to working closely with you to develop and execute strong, innovative and successful promotions.

For national partnerships, contact Stephanie Borges at
For La Ronde or regional partnerships contact Marianne Lemieux at 514-397-2001, or