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A wallet on the ground

Lost & Found Services

Items Lost or Left Behind

There may be a time lag between the moment an item is found and when it’s brought to Customer Service. Please take note that La Ronde is not liable for lost or stolen items. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that your item will be found.

Procedure to follow

If you have lost an item aboard a ride, in the park or at one of our parking lots, here’s what to do:

If your item is found

Please note that a representative of the Lost and Found Service will only contact you if your item is found or if additional information is required.

Unclaimed Items

Any item that is unclaimed or left behind will be donated to a charitable or not-for-profit organization, except items that may contain personal information which will be:

How long do we keep found items?

Found items are classified in two (2) categories:

Please note that once we have contacted the owner of an item, he/she has 10 days to claim it. Past this deadline, the item will be donated to a charitable organization or recycled. We follow this procedure to avoid accumulating an excessive quantity of unclaimed items in our offices.

  1. Go to Customer Service to provide an accurate description of the item you lost:
    • Date on which the item was lost — see our operating schedule
    • Place where you think you lost it
    • Your first name and last name
    • A phone number where we can reach you if your item is found
    • A physical description of the item: colour, size, type, etc.
  2. If you want to reach the Lost and Found Service outside our operating hours, call 514 397-2000. You may be asked to leave a voice mail in which case, please include:
    • A description of the lost item
    • The date on which the item was lost
    • State your name clearly (advice: say it slowly);
    • Leave the phone number where you can be reached (advice: say it clearly and slowly).

If an item that fits the description of yours is brought to Customer Service, one of our representatives will be pleased to contact you at the phone number indicated on the item’s description file.

  • Once an item is identified as yours, you will have a maximum of 10 days to claim it at the park, following the instructions provided to you.
  • Past this deadline, the item will be considered as left behind and La Ronde will dispose of it.  It will either be turned over to the issuing authority or company (e.g.: Social Insurance Card) or duly destroyed or shredded (season pass, ID card, mobile phone, camera, etc).

Valuables (excluding the sentimental value):

  • Electronic objects or those of high value such as mobile phones, cameras, luxury clothes or accessories, identity documents, wallets, strollers and glasses prescription eyeglasses
  • Valuables are kept 60 days


  • Any object of less value or used, and not falling under the previous definition. Those items may include keys, umbrellas, lighters, eyeglasses, clothes, pocket knives, bags, selfie sticks, lipstick or any other makeup or body hygiene items
  • Commodities are kept 7 days
  • Perishables and plastic containers are not kept
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