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Gummy candies
Guests playing with toys

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Bringing home the perfect souvenir from a day at the park can make your memories last a lifetime. Whether it's a cool T-Shirt or hat in the latest style, an adorable stuffed animal, or the perfect photo of your crew zooming down the rails of a giant roller coaster, you’ll only find it at LaRonde. The park’s nonstop smiles and fun are reflected in a broad range of exceptional products that you’ll have as much fun collecting and wearing as you do riding the colossal roller coasters. And this is the perfect opportunity to pick up one-of-a-kind, truly memorable gifts you just can’t get anywhere else. From sweets to swimsuits, keychains to caps, you can’t beat the selection of primo presents for everyone special in your life. Or, if you just need to grab a couple small things, check out the complete variety of sundries to help your day flow smoothly. If you need it, big or small, we’ve got it. Now that you’ve gone to the trouble of having all this fun, why not take the good times home with you!

Large group eating at picnic tables

Whether it’s celebrating a company achievement or a morale-boosting day of fun with their families, your team will appreciate this high value perk. 

Kids on La Danse des Bestioles

School, summer camps, clubs, scouts sport association and cubs—they all love a day at the park.

We're talking extreme roller coasters here!

Moms, dads, children, everyone can climb aboard!

Group of Adults

Treat your group to a day of thrills, chills, and laughs on our world-famous thrill rides.

Guests on Aqua Twist water soaker ride

Fun and laughs for our young thrill seekers!


After a day of thrills at La Ronde, let the magic of lights
dazzle you at night.

Smiling Family

Looking for real entertainment? Come visit La Ronde!

La Ronde promises to be the easiest stop on any tour.

a live concert

See what we have prepared for you this season!

Lollipop Kid

LaRonde offers more unique shopping experiences than you are ever to likely find at your local mall!

burgers on the grill

Enjoy fresh and delicious food. We have what you crave, whatever your tastes!

Collage of Restaurant Menu Items

LaRonde offers a wide variety of food and dining environments.

Family of 4 looking at clothing inside a store

Ready for the catwalk? Put on this wonderful clothes branded with our logo!

Noddle and vegetable bowls

Sample a rich taste of Asian cooking with gourmet cuisine from either Wok Express or Viet Express

Gummy candies

From lollipops to chocolate everything, indulge in a lip-smacking assortment of every kind of candy!

Burger, Fries, and Soda

Enjoy our classic dishes, including our tasty hot dogs and delicious poutine!

Woman holding a gift box

Take home great memories from your visit at La Ronde!

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Leave room for a delicious dessert… or three!

Pepperoni and vegetable pizza

Blazing hot pizza and zesty pasta add up to Italian food at its finest.

Enjoy lean wraps, sandwiches and garden salads to stay healthy all day.

Pasta Salad

You do not have to travel too far to enjoy delicious traditional dishes of Mediterranean cuisine!


You'll love our delicious tacos and nachos with our spicy salsa!

Smiling Family

You’re the star of unique collectibles, like cool portraits and thrilling ride photos.


Fresh popcorn, pretzels, and fries are perfect snacks.

Store shelf with candy, treats, and more!

Getting the essential items to go!

Stuffed Toy - Hiking Teddy Bear

We have traveled the World searching for the most unique collection of toys!

Hotel Room

Do you need lodging during your stay in Montreal? See the following special offers with our partners.


For a day at La Ronde is happening in the calm and happiness, here are some rules to follow ...

Contact Six Flags

Have a question or comment? Send us a message, call us or leave us a note.


You can visit us either by using public transportation or by car.

We know you have questions about La Ronde, and we love answering them! Here are some of the questions we are asked most frequently.

Girl and Guest Relations worker

Our team is available to answer questions, offer advice and hear your suggestions. Learn more or contact us

Wheelchair wheel close-up

Attraction Access Program accommodates guests with disabilities

Lost and Found at Six Flags

Lose an item at the park? If someone found it, we will do our best to help get it back to you!

Map image

Looking for something? View or download our park map and get a preview of your day at the park!

Six Flags team member handing out maps to guests

Lockers, lost children, wheelchairs, ride height check, lost & found, strollers, breastfeeding room, parking, bathrooms, ect.


You can visit us either by using public transportation or by car.

Six Flags team members work to ensure a fun, safe experience for all of our guests.

Please review the policies the park has in place to ensure that you have fun and safe experience.

Here are some of the questions we are asked most frequently on the Season Dining Pass.

Map of Six Flags Locations Around North America

View a list of the Six Flags theme parks that Season Pass Holders can visit free

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