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Casa Magnetica

This classic walk-through attraction has re-opened for the 2021 season!

Journey into the mystical Casa Magnetica where Up is Down and Down is Up. The rules of physics no longer apply, leaving you with a truly “uneven” feeling the further you traverse its rooms.

After a decade of laying hidden in the cavernous tunnels inside Six Flags Over Texas, Casa Magnetica (formerly known as the “Crooked House of Don Juan”) has returned with a story of invention, illusion, and cursed idols.

Don Juan, a reclusive architect, built his house on a 34-degree pitch. As you walk through its entrance and into its rooms, you are innocuously subjected to the twisting angles of his home, until you have sensation of sliding over the ground.

Watch oranges roll upwards over the table and brooms defy gravity and stand on their own. 

Once you have made it through, don’t forget to make a wish inside the mystical Wishing Well! 

Thrill Level

Minimum Height

None With Adult
54" to ride alone.
Location in Park: 

Mexico & Spain

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