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Chaparral Antique Cars

The World Was Much Simpler Before There Were Power Windows.

The modern world can be hectic and move at a nerve-wracking pace. The same could be said for those enormous roller coasters all over the park. All the more reason that you need to find the time to slow it all down, and take the time to leisurely stroll through life. Now you can take a spin back in time, and drive your very own antique ride, through a simpler world.

Up to four drivers can pick out their favorite early 1900’s motor car and take off on a mellow-paced tour of the countryside. You’re the driver, and you get to steer. Don’t worry, there’s a small rail on the road to keep you from losing your way. This drive is for you to enjoy.

You’ll pass over a bridge, motor down a country lane with a picket fence, and drive peacefully under the trees. Everything is lush and green, all to relax you on this old-fashioned road trip. There’s even an old gas station on this excursion to a much simpler time.

Beneath the track of the antique cars rests an ancient zombie burial ground. Inert until recently, the thousand year old zombies seek to expand their ranks.

There is no better way to relax following an evening of screams than a leisurely drive on the Chaparral Antique cars. It is the second oldest ride in the park, and it shouldn’t surprise you that it has a fantastic history. Few people know this, but beneath the track lies an ancient zombie burial ground! Until recently, the zombies have been fairly content to just lie there and stay out of the way. Lately though they’ve been digging out for snacks…occasionally grabbing, mauling and eating teens who drive the antique cars too quickly (for reasons we can’t explain they seem to ignore everyone over 30).

To be fair, these zombies have been lying there in the ground for a very long time and are fairly hungry. Their insatiable appetite for blood and the possession of young souls drives them on. Screams of terror provide the soundtrack to the zombie invasion as it destroys the very hopes – and the very lives – of a once trusting and generous Chaparral Antique car community.

Antique car by antique car, the zombie numbers grow. No one is spared.

As you would expect, the newly converted suddenly crave the warmth of tasty flesh, the flavor of brains exquisitely warmed to 98.6 degrees, and – of course – the delicious bouquet of blood. They head for the loading area and the fringes of the track in search of places where people gather together at night. Quickly, they find their targets and begin their gruesome harvest.

This is their time of year and their kind of place – packed with people in costume who won’t be missed. A place with lots of noise and plenty of shadows. Zombies blend right in with the crowd… until their blood-drenched hands reach for a nearby arm or they lean toward someone and whisper, in a sickening-sweet sort of way, “Mind if I cut in line?”

Min. Height- none with an adult

By The Numbers

Top Speed
8 mph
1,470 feet
3 minutes, 45 seconds
Arrow Development Company

What Our Guests Say

    - Ada L. From Fort Worth, Tx
  • "Our family enjoys the nice shaded area that the cars are driven through."
    - Crystal P. From Grapevine, Tx
  • "It was very relaxing and peaceful. The best time to ride is at night under the stars with a loved one!"
    - A Aparicio
  • - Rebekah S. From Mckinney, Tx
  • "The antique cars have always been a great time for a relaxing tour of the park, and offered great alone time with my hubby too!!"
    - Kelli Wills-Irving, Tx
Chaparral Antique Zombie Cars
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

No lap children. No single riders.
Location in Park: 



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