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All Hands on Deck for a Wild High Seas Adventure!

Calling all explorers! In the tradition of the great Spanish conquerors, cross the bridge to high seas adventure on this powerfully authentic Spanish galleon! Climb aboard the sturdy and swift swinging sea vessel for a rip-roaring voyage on the high seas.

Don’t be fooled by the calm skies, for once you take your seat on the deck of this full-sized 16th century explorers’ ship, you’ll set sail to breathtaking heights. As the ship starts to rock swiftly up and back to dizzying heights, it feels like the Conquistador is getting tossed around on the surf. You’ll swing higher and higher until the whole vessel is practically vertical.

As the ship arcs 180 degrees into the sky, you’ll know these must be some serious untamed waves. At a full 66 feet high, you can check out the view of Mexico & Spain, but hold onto your silver coins because you’re about to experience sheer weightlessness! You’ll hang in the air for a moment, before slamming back down and swinging up the next wave with stomach-tightening momentum – in reverse! You’ll feel the wind race by as you soar even higher. Remember, brave conquerors aren’t supposed to scream! This unstoppable velocity would make even the most experienced ocean explorer a little wobbly. But if you’re daring enough, a life of adventure awaits!

Once a thriving ship commanded by a greedy captain, its crew met a gruesome end when they were attacked by a fleet of vicious, ghostly pirates lead by the evil Black Heart. Today, the spirits can be seen when guests board the ship. What happens after, well, let’s just say there’ll be an abundance of screaming.

In the mid-1600s, the Conquistador was preparing to set sail from the coast of Spain and explore the Americas for land and gold in the name of the king. Little to the king’s knowledge, the Captain had planned on taking some of the gold for his own selfish motives.

As the Captain was mapping out his route, a deranged man approached him and warned him not to continue with the voyage. The man told him that he too had once been a sea captain, a greedy one like him. After sneaking some of the king’s gold for himself, he noticed an eerie ship approaching in the distance. All of the sudden, the ocean water turned blood-red and ghosts of a dead crew appeared on the deck.

As he cowered in his quarters for safety, his entire crew was slaughtered by the spirits. When he emerged onto the deck, written on the mast in blood was “Beware Black Heart.”

The Captain refused to believe the crazed man, and sent him away. He finalized his route, gathered his crew, and prepared the ship. The next day, the Conquistador set sail for the Americas.

After a successful voyage, the Captain hid his stash of gold in his quarters and set sail for home. After a couple of hours on the sea, the watchman alerted the Captain of a ghost ship in the distance. The Captain remembered the warning of the deranged man and looked over the edge of the boat to see water as red as blood. Terror suddenly overcame his entire body.

Before he could take a single breath, a ghostly crew appeared before him. As he dashed away to protect his stash of gold, the Captain was face to face with the crazed man who had warned him. The man was not only a ghost, but he was the infamous “Black Heart” from the mast warning.

The ship eventually was found floating in the Gulf of Mexico, but no one was on board. There was dried blood, but no bodies. When the mast was unraveled, the same warning message “Beware Black Heart” was written in blood. Today, when people board what is known now as “Blood Mast” there have been sightings of Black Heart and his ghostly crew. The sight is so horrifying that guests can’t help but let out screams of fear.

Min. Height- none with an adult

By The Numbers

3 minutes
Intamin A.G.

What Our Guests Say

  • "I have a special needs child, and this is her absolute favorite ride! The operators were friendly and helpful as well."
    - Lewis J. From Ruston, La
  • "Nice smooth ride that gives a tickle to the stomach!"
    - Skeeter T From Tyler, Tx
  • "It makes your stomach lurch and you felt like you we're flying through the air! Oh what a thrill!!!"
    - Pam From Burkburnett
  • "This ride is the BOMB!!! You think its just going to sway up and down but when you come down be READY!!! You will SCREAM!!!"
    - Mila Z Perez Of Fort Worth, Tx
  • "Once the ride begins to swing you back and forth, you realize the higher and higher you go, the more fun the ride is!!!"
    - Lauri C From Arlington, Tx
Conquistador Blood Mast
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

None with adult
42" to ride alone. No lap children.
Location in Park: 

Mexico & Spain

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