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El Aserradero

Splash Your Way to Glory on this Classic Log Ride.

Summer days can be hot, and the coolest way to get around town is on a flume! You’re about to ride the world’s first ever log flume ride. There have been plenty of imitations since then, but the original is most definitely the best! Jump in a log-shaped raft and speed-glide on a river instead of a track.

You’re ready for your cruise down a winding water course through the trees on this family-friendly flume ride. There you are gliding along the water through nature… all is peaceful and scenic, until suddenly you are whisked over the edge of an unpredictable waterfall, plunging down a splashy drop!

Ahh, you survived that one, but don’t get too comfy on the smooth coast down the river, with the wind and water racing past as you flow through the trees. Once you make it to the end, a giant, steep nosedive is waiting for you! Swoop down over the falls and land with a big splash and wet conclusion that will take your breath away.

Now you’re one of the many generations who have flowed down the river this style. Cooled down and revved up, you’re ready for action!

El Aserradero got its name after an incident that occurred nearly 200 years ago. A demonic presence took control of the flume and has never let go ever since that horrific day.

Before the mid-1800s, the logging and lumber industry in East Texas was booming. Many moved their entire families to get in on the major cash that was flowing. Money certainly was growing on trees during that time period.

One family made the move down to Texas in hopes of acquiring a large fortune from the thriving industry. The father and his three sons started their saw mill from scratch, and in a few years were swimming in cash. Soon, the family was in control of a major saw mill dynasty all over Texas.

The cash brought more than wealth to the family unfortunately. They became greedy, cheating their workers out of the pay that they deserved without notice. For a while no one noticed, until the family hired an accountant.

The accountant was a good man and couldn’t keep quiet knowing that innocent people weren’t getting their fare wages. The accountant told one of his good friends who worked at the saw mill. The friend then told his fellow workers about the dishonesty of the owners. When they approached the father and his sons about increasing their pay, the father denied them and threatened that any uprising would result in immediate firing.

Little did the father know, one of his workers was married to a woman who practiced voodoo. When she learned of the treachery, she wanted to take revenge on the family. She conjured a demonic spirit and sent it on its way to the saw mill.

As the father and his sons were checking the machinery at night, the demonic presence suddenly took ahold of the saws. The shirts of the owners got caught in the machinery, and they each met a bloody, gruesome death.

When the workers entered the saw mills, they walked upon the frightening sight. They were so scared that they left the property and never returned. The saw mill was closed ever since the “Saw Mill Massacre” happened, until about a decade ago the mill was reopened. Workers today say that the machines will randomly turn on at times, hinting that the demonic presence never left.

Min. Height- none with an adult

By The Numbers

Top Speed
15 mph
30 feet
3 minutes, 30 seconds
Arrow Development Company

What Our Guests Say

  • ""Splashtastic!!" That's what my little boy, Trai, says about it... Lol! "
    - Trai D.
  • "My husband and I were there for my Birthday. The two of us were in one log... making it very special for us as couple. We bought the picture from the ride, and plan to frame it to remember our experience."
    - Melanie C From Cedar Park, Tx
  • - Deann B. From Euless, Tx
  • "Aserradero was a relaxing and fun ride, but I definitely enjoyed the water and smooth ride."
    - Chris R. From Georgetown, Texas
  • "I loved that it is a family ride, and my 2 year can get on."
    - Michaela M. From Grandprairie Tx
El Aserradero Saw Mill Massacre
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

None with adult
42" to ride alone. No lap children.
Location in Park: 

Mexico & Spain


Will Get a Little Wet
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