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El Diablo

Record hang time awaits!

El Diablo is the 14th and most unique roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas. But don't let its deceptively simple design fool you; this coaster is all about delivering some seriously powerful thrills.

After being locked securely into the 32 passenger, curved train, this super-sized loop gets going right away, rocking back and forth as it slowly builds up energy. With every pass through the fly-through station, the train gets closer and closer to cresting the top of the loop. Finally, the train reaches the apex of the ride - a full 100 feet in the air - all while experiencing some serious hang time. El Diablo is sure to give your hair a workout!  Plus, thanks to the unique, face-to-face seating train, you can watch your friends and family's reactions throughout this Texas-sized thrill!

El Diablo is located in the Spain section of the park.

Temporarily Closed

Thrill Ride

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 


Goes Upside Down
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