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The New Sheriff in Town Lifts You Off the Ground!

Saddle up and head down to Boomtown, there’s new adventure to be had! Follow the giant pistols for a swashbuckling sail though the sky, on a classic wave swinger that would make any gunslingin’ cowboy grin.

A circle of swing chairs sit peacefully on the ground, but not for long. Choose a good one and get ready to kiss the ground goodbye. You’re gently picked up and start to slowly swirl around the center.

Soon you’ll be flying through the air, on this seated, swinging, twisting and tilting carousel that sends you sailing through the clouds, high up over the cows and whatever else might be grazing down below.

Spinning round in a perfect formation, the seats keep rising up higher into a giant flying circle in the sky, like a great big Ferris wheel turned on its side. You’ll experience sheer exhilaration while you cruise through the wild blue yonder.

Feel the wind in your hair while you swing like a yo-yo, as the Gunslinger lifts you to the limit. Feet dangling in the air, we see that grin starting to poke through. Turns out those tough pistol-slinging cowboys like to have fun too.

By The Numbers

Top Speed
10 mph
1 minute, 40 seconds
Chance Manufacturing

What Our Guests Say

  • "It was great! Even my 4 year old son was tall enough to ride."
    - Pam Z From Bossier City, La.
  • "This ride feels like you're walking on air, spinning in circles. It really gets the blood pumping. "
    - Kim C. From Round Rock, Tx
  • "Our group ranged from 8 to 68 years old, and we enjoyed it!"
    - Melissa R. From Dallas
  • - Abby T From Texas
  • "On the gunslinger you get to sit down, relax and feel the wind blowing on you."
    - Heather D. Decatur Tx
Thrill Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 


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