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Judge Roy Scream

Good Time Thrills are the Law of the Land!

NOTE: This attraction will be closed June 30 - July 4 to preapre for our July 4th Fest fireworks show.

Did you know that Judge Roy Scream, one of the most beloved wooden roller coasters ever, was named after the famous Texas Justice of the Peace, Judge Roy Bean? He was a real cantankerous old coot, and the ride that bears his name is no different. You’ll be darting around like a real whippersnapper on this classic, tall wooden structure.

To get there, use the tunnel in Goodtimes Square. Judge Roy Scream is definitely worth seeking out. At 65 feet tall and zooming over the tracks at 45 miles per hour, this whooshy race over the rails is family friendly, even making for a great transition for younger riders who are in training for the mega-coasters. The rest of us will think it’s just plain fun.

Up you go, to the top of a six story lift, and then it’s off for a great serving of what classic roller coasters do best. You’ll buzz over a non-stop series of straight-ahead hills and dazzling drops. Served up simple and to the point, kinda like the way Judge Bean served up justice!

By The Numbers

Top Speed
45 mph
65 feet
2,480 feet
2 minutes, 30 seconds
Marvin M. Black Co.

What Our Guests Say

  • "Judge Roy Scream is a great ride because I love the hills!"
    - Josh H From Burleson
  • "This fun attraction is very enjoyable, and a fast thrill for people age 5 and older. The view is breath taking!"
    - Giselle G From Dallas,tx
  • "... it's still as thrilling as ever! I love it when it goes backwards too!!!"
    - Linda K. From Cedar Hill, Tx
  • " It has just the right amount of twists, turns and drops that makes it exciting. I'll definitely ride it again!"
    - Elizabeth D From Weatherford, Tx
  • "A classic wooden roller coaster experience... you must ride at dusk or at night."
    - Cindy S From Plano
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Gotham City

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