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Oil Derrick

Strike it Rich on this Legendary Landmark!

Take a ride all the way up to the top of the Oil Derrick, a massive, beautiful steel structure that’s just like a real oil well, so tall you can see it from miles around. Standing 300 feet in the sky, you’ll have the ultimate view of the park, not to mention the beautiful Dallas and Fort Worth skylines in the distance.

As you ride up in the open-walled elevator with the breeze blowing right through, watch as those giant roller coasters below seem to get smaller and smaller the higher you go until you’re on top of the world.

Up on the observation deck, enjoy the supreme scenery of nearby DFW. Then take your time on a leisurely stroll around the top – if you don’t mind the heights at 30 stories in the air.

This is your chance to see all the great rides you’ve been on today, and make a plan for the ones you still haven’t conquered yet. But with the 360 views from this landmark tower, you’ll probably already have plenty to look at.

By The Numbers

Top Speed
6.8 mph
300 feet
1 minute, 30 seconds
Intamin A.G.

What Our Guests Say

  • "Loved it... my kids thought it was fun going up and down in the elevator."
    - Toni P From Odessa, Tx
  • "This is a beautiful spot to look over dallas and six flags."
    - Desmond A. From Midland, Tx
  • "I felt like I was on top of the world, even while sitting in my walker!"
    - Jody B. From Glenn Heights,tx
  • "It was beautiful view, and to experience it with my children meant the world to me. "
    - Natalie C. From Grapevine, Tx
  • "I have always enjoyed the Oil Derrick, but this year we saw it from night view of a beautiful night scene. The air had a fall nip, but no too windy. "
    - Mka From Dfw, Tx
Family Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

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