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Create Your Own Masterpiece of Spin.

Spinning this extreme is going to take a team effort. Welcome to a totally unique approach to modern coastering. On this gravity-bending ride, everything depends on you. On most roller coasters, you can just sit back and relax while you are propelled at ridiculous speeds over the rails, but on Pandemonium, the amount of spin and twist and all around gut-crunching insanity you’ll experience will depend entirely on the riders of each and every run. Four people at a time load into one-of-a-kind spin cars and launch onto the swooping, soaring, sloping track.

The interactions of the riders themselves, combined with the forces of gravity and momentum, produce unstoppable momentum that will make you lean and pivot in utterly unpredictable ways. Not only do you move forward down this track, you’ll hang sideways, twist unexpectedly, and spin mercilessly, taking every turn with the kind of lean a pro skater employs when banking around hard turns.

Being that no four people are exactly alike, no two rides are ever alike. Micro-factors like weight, movement, and whether you wore high tops or running shoes today will all combine with velocity and acceleration to determine exactly how your car slants and swivels down the track.

And the track is a maze of spin opportunities. You’ll plunge and rise at more than 30 miles per hour down the 1,351-foot track, spinning 360 degrees as you shoot around S-shaped curves, bank hard horizontally, snake through impossibly twisted helixes, tackle sudden sharp dips, and zoom around long swooping trajectories. All the while you’ll be like an artist of spin, and Pandemonium is going to be your masterpiece.

Not everyone who’s bit by a venomous spider experiences the expected symptoms. All those who step foot on this arachni-xperience will quickly see what it’s like to be REALLY bit. It’s Pandemoniacal!

Conveniently in time for Fright Fest, the popular Six Flags Over Texas ride Pandemonium has been taken over by spiders. We’ve done everything in the book to get rid of these spiders from sprays to traps to rolled up magazines. These eight-legged creatures just won’t stay away from “Venom Pandemonium.”

The steps up to the ride have been consumed by thick, white webs. Make sure not to get stuck in this trap on your way up like a fly. The spiders have been known to feast on the bugs caught in their web and some humans have been bitten, too.

Riders never realize when they get bit, but they can tell the symptoms once they set foot on Pandemonium. First, your heart begins to race. Then the world around you will start to spin, combined with the sensation of falling. We’ve also been told that another common symptom is getting a knot in the pit of your stomach.

Luckily the effects of these bites don’t last long and usually end soon after you step off the ride. Just be careful not to enjoy this ride too many times during your visit. Some people state that the effects may linger after taking too many spins.

Min. Height- 42 inches with an adult

By The Numbers

Top Speed
31 mph
53 feet
1,351 feet
2 minutes, 10 seconds
Gerstlauer of Germany
Venom Pandemonium

Temporarily Closed

Thrill Level

Minimum Height

42" with adult
47" to ride alone
Location in Park: 




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