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Roaring Rapids

Splash and Dash Your Raft on the Wild Open River!

Gear up for the ultimate white-water river rafting experience. Get ready to get wet as you and your team of 12 riders launch into a wet wilderness adventure.

This is no casual lazy float down the river. You’ll strap into your full-scale round river raft and set loose into the raging downstream flow, where wildly unpredictable currents will toss you around without warning, and treacherous falls will send you shooting over the edge.

Very tall cliffs and a woodsy forest of trees surround you on this totally immersive ride. You are swung wildly around rocks, into swirling whirlpools, and narrowly avoiding raging waterfalls, blasted with water from all directions. As you rush down steep rocky channels, banging into the stone walls, white water waves come crashing over the raft.

Swooshing swiftly down the river you will definitely get splashed, and if you are unlucky – or lucky, depending on how hot it is that day – you might even get completely drenched. White water waves come crashing over the raft as your boat spins and dips down the wild river. With a little luck the current will spin you around in the nick of time, right before you hit that next patch of rapids.

Will you get dunked? Just hang on tight and don’t plan on staying dry!



By The Numbers

Top Speed
15 mph

What Our Guests Say

  • "My grandchildren loved it when their granny got drenched. Even if it was at the expense of my new hair do!"
    - Diane F. From Plano, Tx
  • "I was fortunate to stay dry until the end, when the last sprayer got me soaked just before going up the ramp to exit the ride."
    - Jenny H From Frisco Tx
  • "It is fun not knowing what is around the next corner, and watching as everyone gets drenched."
    - Kelly G From Amarillo, Tx.
  • "Roaring Rapids is an amazing ride with thrilling dips, splashes, and turns. You're certain to get soaked!"
    - Karen E. Of Little Rock, Ar
  • "I really liked the way the Roaring Rapids had the element is surprise of not knowing when, or where a rider would get wet!!"
    - Wendy G. From Mesquite
Family Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

36" with adult
42" to ride alone
Location in Park: 



Could Get a Little Wet
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