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Runaway Mine Train

Make History in Your Own Backyard.

Welcome, cowpokes, to the original and most classic roller coaster in the original and most classic Six Flags park. You’ll journey back to the old west on a runaway mine car that just can’t slow down. In fact, this was the very first mine car style coaster, a well-loved concept inspired by American frontier history that was later copied all over the world.

On more than 2,400 feet of track, you’ll fly through an old mining town at 35 miles per hour,

A series of snaking S-turns will get the breeze in your hair. The authentic mining town setting only adds to the fun. You’ll zoom past old prospector tents, covered bridges, and through the dark rock crusher quarry.

And finally, your high speed mine car will pay a visit to the Ace Hotel and Saloon. Wave high to the old timey barkeeper, as the countless coaster fans have who passed through before you, from across the great history of the park. And now it’s time for the legendary final drop. You didn’t just take a tour through history, now you’re a part of that history.

The Hughey’s Doll Museum was once the crown jewel of Boomtown. People would visit from near and far to see the majestic dolls that were carefully displayed at the Hughey’s Doll Museum. No matter the age, young and old, they came, ogoled and marveled at the exquisite collection. However, that abruptly ended one year after the annual Halloween gala.

The gala was held every year on Halloween at the museum and was the party to attend for whoever visited Boomtown during this time. On October 31, 1906 at the stroke of midnight something bizarre began to happen as described by the few Hughey’s Doll Museum survivors. They stated, “the dolls came to life as if they were possessed by something evil,” The Boomtown Gazette reported. They went on to say that the rest was a blur and all they remember is screaming and yelling before waking up in a precarious lifeless doll pose.

When police arrived those that had not survived had fallen to a terrible fate but the one that was most odd was that of Mr. Hughey— the owner of the doll museum.

His body was found lying face up surrounded by lifeless dolls covered in blood. The family was forced to close the museum after the tragic event and they were never seen by anyone again.

However if you’re brave enough to enter the old museum who knows what you may see or find, especially those who dare to  visit on Halloween.

If you see a doll, take caution and don’t reach out, those blinks and winks are real and if you stare too long you may not come out!

Min. Height- 42 inches

By The Numbers

Top Speed
35 mph
35 feet
2,500 feet
4 minutes, 45 seconds
Arrow Development Company
Key Features
World's first runaway mine train roller coaster

What Our Guests Say

  • "My family loves the Runaway Mine Train because of all the sudden twists, turns, tunnels and the final drop in the saloon!"
    - Courtney R, From Vernon, Texas
  • "my favorite... The timelessness of the old western card game, and sharp plunge into the dark tunnel is still a thrill!"
    - Dee H. From Fort Worth
  • "Runaway Mine Train was fun fun fun! I really enjoyed the tunnels!"
    - James J
  • " I love the animation and the thrilling slope down! I rode 3 times in a row!"
    - Claudia V From Grand Prairie
  • "The Runaway Mine Train is a terrific ride for the whole family! Don't forget to say "Hi!" to those mannequins before that death defying drop!"
    - Jasmine
Hughey’s Doll Museum (Runaway Mine Train)
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 


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