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Runaway Mountain

Dive into the cave to conquer the mountain!

If you had any idea what was waiting for you inside this seven and a half story tall rock mountain, you might think twice about daring to enter. This mountain is home to a dense network of underground caves and tunnels, and shooting through them is a high speed, fully-enclosed roller coaster with your name on it. You’re going to have to do some heavy-duty cave exploring just to get to this train.

Make your way down the crumbling mineshaft into the ancient caves beneath the mountain. Now you’re going to explore some Texas tunnels the fun way, on this all-indoor coaster—in the dark! That’s right, you won’t have the faintest clue what’s coming next, as you take on a relentless high-speed course.

Taking on this pitch-black course at 35 miles per hour will be a radically different ride than the outdoor coasters you’re used to. Space is tight in a cave, and you never know when you’re just inches away from sheer walls of rock.

First, you’ll crank up a 59-foot hill, which feels like 100 when you can’t see which way is up. Then launch into a twisty drop and swift turnaround. You’ll race super low to the ground, rising just in time for a wicked switchback. Throughout, you’ll experience a tremendous amount of airtime, just in time for an incredibly steep drop nearly 90 degrees straight down. Finally, a long high banking turn will twist you practically perpendicular, while you take on an extra 3 or 4 Gs! Gs feel the same in the light or the dark—intense.

All you’ll be able to hear are your own screams bouncing off the echoing rock walls. Feel free to let your terror show on your face because no one can see you.

While mining for diamonds at Midnight Mountain, the Baker Mining Co. discovered a giant void filled with jewels and gold but also what appeared to be human skulls.  The Baker Mining Co. discovered poorly written messages throughout the void stating to get out or die!  Being greedy the Baker Mining Co. paid no attention to the warnings and decided to take the jewels and gold for themselves. There was only one survivor of the 50 man crew that made it out alive.  He stated that Mr. Baker and the rest of the team were killed and eaten by what he referred to as “Goblins” small, evil and grotesque creatures that were not to be messed with.

When park rangers arrived the mine shaft had completely collapsed with no way go in to verify if anyone was dead or alive. The first responders, on the scene, came to the conclusion that there must of been an explosion that caused the collapse and the one surviving miner was delusional from the experience.

The mine has since been abandoned and still, today, the one surviving miner sticks by his story.  Recently some college students set out on a hiking trip to Midnight Mountain. While there, they discovered a hidden entrance in the side of the mountain marked with two weathered red flags, one of the students called the park rangers’ office on their cell phone to ask if the cave had been explored recently, but the park rangers were not aware of the cave and told the students to stay out. Before the park rangers could verify the location of the cave and the students, the cell phone went silent and the students have not been seen since. There are those who say they hear voices, sometimes cries in the walls of Midnight Mountain. However, every time a park ranger goes to check they cannot find anything. One person gave a descriptive account that went beyond a cry in the walls. They stated they heard a voice beckoning them to walk in and when they turned towards the voice the hairs on the back of their neck were standing. While the park rangers continue to dismiss the claims, they have warned people never to walk alone when going to Midnight Mountain.

Min. Height- 48 inches

By The Numbers

Top Speed
Premier Rides
Unique Feature
Indoor coaster in complete darkness

What Our Guests Say

  • "This awesome steel coaster is very fast and has over banked turns. "
    - Michael.h San Antonio
  • "Runaway Mountain was a great ride for the family. We weren't sure what was coming next and the temperature changed with the altitude."
    - Jerry S.from Keller, Tx
  • - Michael B From Aransas Pass, Tx
  • "The term "Runaway" should have given me a clue, but I thought I was in for a train ride.......until the first climb up the very first hill!!""
    - H.allen, Bossier City, La
  • "Runaway Mountain was great! This indoor roller coaster is completely in the dark, and left us not knowing when or where there would be a turn or a drop. "
    - Janet B. From Mesquite
Midnight Mountain
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Old South

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