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Six Flags Over Texas
Six Flags Over Texas
Arlington, Texas
Guests prepare to take on Runaway Mountain
Guests after a fun ride on Runaway Mountain

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Runaway Mountain

Dive into the cave to conquer the mountain!

If you had any idea what was waiting for you inside this seven and a half story tall rock mountain, you might think twice about daring to enter. This mountain is home to a dense network of underground caves and tunnels, and shooting through them is a high speed, fully-enclosed roller coaster with your name on it. You’re going to have to do some heavy-duty cave exploring just to get to this train.

Make your way down the crumbling mineshaft into the ancient caves beneath the mountain. Now you’re going to explore some Texas tunnels the fun way, on this all-indoor coaster—in the dark! That’s right, you won’t have the faintest clue what’s coming next, as you take on a relentless high-speed course.

Taking on this pitch-black course at 35 miles per hour will be a radically different ride than the outdoor coasters you’re used to. Space is tight in a cave, and you never know when you’re just inches away from sheer walls of rock.

First, you’ll crank up a 59-foot hill, which feels like 100 when you can’t see which way is up. Then launch into a twisty drop and swift turnaround. You’ll race super low to the ground, rising just in time for a wicked switchback. Throughout, you’ll experience a tremendous amount of airtime, just in time for an incredibly steep drop nearly 90 degrees straight down. Finally, a long high banking turn will twist you practically perpendicular, while you take on an extra 3 or 4 Gs! Gs feel the same in the light or the dark—intense.

All you’ll be able to hear are your own screams bouncing off the echoing rock walls. Feel free to let your terror show on your face because no one can see you.

Rumor has it that some riders have seen the ghost of a little boy while on Cursed Mountain. Reports of ghostly screams echoing throughout the mountain have also been made. Now they say even stranger things happen during the month of All Hallows Eve.

In the early 1900s, the tight-knit community of Mountainview was gearing up for their annual Halloween Festival. The celebration brought families together year after year for a final gathering before the upcoming winter confined them to their homes.

As the families danced, bobbed for apples and sang Halloween songs, a strange woman suddenly appeared from surrounding forest. She was crying hysterically, telling everyone through her sobs that her little boy went missing inside the caverns of the surrounding mountain. The men of Mountainview gathered their jackets and lanterns, and headed up the mountain.

By nightfall, the men and the woman reached the entrance to the pitch-black caverns of the mountain. As they traveled down the depths of darkness, all of the sudden they heard the voice of a small boy and rushed towards the sound, but nothing was there.

Behind them, the woman let out an evil cackle as a funnel of dust swirled around her. Before their eyes she had transformed into a repulsive-looking witch. She told the men that decades ago her son went missing in the caverns, and asked their fathers for help. They did not believe her, and turned her away.

She had been waiting all these years to exact revenge on the next generation. With the whip of her wand, she set a curse on the men to confine them to the inside of the mountain for eternity.

Ever since that fateful day, the mountain has been referred to as “The Cursed Mountain” by residents of Mountainview. The ghost of the witch’s little boy is sometimes said to be seen by guests inside the mountain. After the ghost is seen, it is said that the screams of the trapped men echo throughout the cavern. Even stranger, the witch is said to appear during the month of All Hallows Eve with a terrifying smirk on her face.

Min. Height- 48 inches

By The Numbers

Top Speed
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Unique Feature
Indoor coaster in complete darkness

What Our Guests Say

  • "They were extremely considerate of the special needs child we had with us."
    - Colleyville, Tx
  • "I decided to give it a try for my 45th Birthday. It was dark, cold, scary, fun, and you didn't know where you were going!"
    - Robby Manuel
  • "This is a classic ride with just the right amount of twists, turns and tunnels for young and old."
    - Nicole J From Carrollton, Tx
  • "The term "Runaway" should have given me a clue, but I thought I was in for a train ride.......until the first climb up the very first hill!!""
    - H.allen, Bossier City, La
  • "Runaway Mountain was great! This indoor roller coaster is completely in the dark, and left us not knowing when or where there would be a turn or a drop. "
    - Janet B. From Mesquite

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The Cursed Mountain
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Old South

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