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Shock Wave

The First and Best Looper for Generations of G-Force Fans.

This classic looper has been shocking riders for more than three decades. In fact, just about everyone around here who loves crazy inversions got their start riding Shock Wave, a double-looped 60 mile per hour steel roller coaster.

Once you haul up 116 feet in the sky, get ready to drop more than 100 feet on your way to blasting through Shock Wave’s masterpiece elements, the famous – and famously terrifying – back to back loops. One after another in an insane never-ending inversion, these two loops will deliver a stunning 5.9 Gs. That’s nearly astronaut level G-force.

And how are you going to be held in your seat during all this? Well, firstly, the forces of gravity will keep you nice and snug. Shock Wave is one of the only looping roller coasters to employ only a lap bar. That means you’ll feel free as a bird, or a rocket ship leaving the atmosphere, as you are hurled around this slick track.

Next you’re in for a series of high banking turns, sharp, breathtaking dips and a high-speed whip-around, all designed to give you maximum airtime. Consider these negative Gs payback for what you endured on the loops.

A secret toxic dump right behind the ride is producing animals that crave human flesh.

Rare. A bowl of shiny eyeballs to pop in their throats, like olives. Soup made from the blood and fluids of thrill-seekers. Right behind the park — just behind Shock Wave — is a secret toxic dump. It’s a massive superfund site filled with decay and it gives off a smell that attracts only the most foul and disgusting creatures. It’s a place where corrupt businesses dump the toxic waste that they hide from the government.

Animals, both domestic and wild, visit at night and feast on the refuse they find there. The best pickings are found in the crisp nights of autumn.

Snack time changes these animals beyond recognition. They become aggressive and unafraid of humans. Their eyes develop weeping sores that burn, as they stretch a dripping paw toward the sweetest part they can find. Bits of flesh and hair can be seen, caught between their long and flaking claws. Teeth shoot into fangs, while their drooling tongues wipe the slime from their smirking lips.

And, still, they’re hungry.

Hired security patrols the park at night. They’ve reported seeing animals, of some sort, but these crass creatures are so quick and so secretive, who can be sure?

The beasts hunt in packs, trapping their helpless prey in the shadows. They congregate on the edges of the forest behind Shock Wave, the better to check out the crowd. Brazenly, they attack riders at the depths of this ride’s descent. Then, bellies still not full, they continue their snacking – long after the vile forces of darkness turn into tenuous morning.

Min. Height- 42 inches.

By The Numbers

Top Speed
55 mph
116 feet
3,500 feet
2 minutes, 40 seconds

What Our Guests Say

  • "I loved the shock wave because it's a short ride and very exhilarating."
    - Karson Bailey
  • "It was a very refreshing ride. Our whole family enjoyed it so that we rode it three times."
    - Victor C. From El Paso Tx
  • "I love the loops, inclines, and speed... as if it was my first experience in 1983!!!"
    - Tiffany W. Paris,tx
  • "My grandaughter wants to ride it again and again."
    - Perry W From Haslet
  • "I was "Shocked" that I kept my eyes open the entire time during the vertical loops. It is an amazing ride!"
    - Leigh W From Dallas, Tx
Toxic Shock Wave
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 



Goes Upside Down
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