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Texas SkyScreamer

The Ultimate Definition of Airtime.

NOTE: This attraction will close early at 8:00 p.m. June 30 - July 4 to prepare for our July 4th Fest fireworks show.

Have a seat, but don’t get too used to having your feet on the ground. The chairs hanging in a peaceful circle around the massively tall tower at the center of Texas Sky Screamer are about to liftoff. Now it wouldn’t be Texas if we didn’t go big.  How does 400 feet sound?

Don’t be fooled by the colorful, star-shaped gondola that is doing all the heavy lifting. This gondola is merciless, and you’re about to fly boldly through the air with the trees way beneath your feet!

You’re gently picked up and start to slowly swirl and revolve around the center. Up you go, cranked into the sky as the cables holding up your seat begin to spin. You’ll start to spin faster as you lift higher, so by the time you get to the top, you will be careening around the center base at 35 miles per hour. 

You’re sitting in a swing chair, dangling a whopping 40 stories up, getting hurled around in a 124-foot wide circle. Talk about airtime. All you’re going to feel is air, with your feet dangling in the sky and hair blowing in the wind. The world far below you is making more revolutions per second than you can count.

While you’re up there, check out the view of Arlington, that tiny little town you are towering above. On Texas SkyScreamer, you’re flying on top of the world!

Many people have said that they once chose to ride the Evil Night SkyScreamer for its exhilarating excitement and view. They returned only to report that instead of a pleasant ride 400 feet in the air, they were forced to see and hear things that were unimaginably frightening to the human experience.

You see it towering above Arlington every time you drive past the park. During the day, Texas SkyScreamer has been known to give visitors the best view of DFW skylines. But at night, the views are overshadowed by something more sinister.

In 2013 when the ride was introduced to the public, it was met with excitement and anticipation. Guests were in line right at the opening for the opportunity to experience being 400 feet above the city of Arlington. The reviews were streaming in that the Texas SkyScreamer, the world’s tallest swing ride, was one of the best thrill rides for the whole family.

Then the sun set.

As riders got off the swings, they were visibly shaken and petrified. When asked what the matter was, they could barely speak. For what they could get out, they each said “I saw and heard things.” Rider after rider said the same thing.

To understand what guests were experiencing, Six Flags staff voluntarily rode the ride at night. When they returned to the ground, each employee was ghost white. They each said that they heard horrible moans; moans that sounded like someone was enduring brutal torture. They also saw images of people being torn apart, limb from limb.

For a while, these images disappeared. But there’s something about the Fright Fest season that brings the sounds and images back every year.

Min. Height- 48 inches

By The Numbers

Top Speed
35 mph
400 feet (40 stories)
2 minutes, 45 seconds
May 2013

What Our Guests Say

  • "DO NOT BE FOOLED, this is not your average swing ride. The height alone makes this ride very intense, and the speed adds to the thrill. "
    - Dave M From Lubbock, Tx
  • "The ride goes up... Then the wind rocks and twists you 400 ft. above the ground while spinning with your feet dangling. "
    - Drew B.
  • "The view from 400ft, was amazing!"
    - Kami K.
  • "I got on it with my boyfriend of 2 1/2 yrs. Little did I know he was gonna ask me to marry him at the top. Life thrilling experience!"
    - Lucia Garcia
  • "The new Sky Screamer is really epic. It gives you a great view of the lake, the other rides, and even the city. You feel like you're in a dream riding in a gigantic 2-seater swing. "
    - Monroe B
Evil Night SkyScreamer
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 




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