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Guests playing with toys


Every day is like a holiday at Six Flags. There’s no need to wait for the end of the year to pick up the perfect toy for all the little troublemakers on your list. From stuffed animals to games to playful trinkets of all shapes and sizes, you’ll find a million mementos to help you and your tykes remember your great day in the park, and tell all the folks you care about, big and small, that you were thinking of them.

Six Flags is Looney Tunes central. Where else do you get a chance to soar high in the sky with all your favorite loonies? Now you can take the cartoon world home with you, with logo apparel, cute character knick-knacks, and of course soft, adorable stuffed animals that look just like a few friends you might remember! You’ll recognize Daffy Duck, the constantly spinnin’ whirling dervish Taz, and even the most romantic skunk in the world, Pepe Le Pew! Elmer Fudd is there, and of course you can’t have a rabbit hunter without a rabbit. Take home the rascally rabbit himself, your very own Bugs Bunny. There is no greater collection of Looney Tunes gear than right here at Six Flags.

DC COMICS Super Heroes like BATMAN and GREEN LANTERN have leapt out of the pages of comics and taken over the worlds of gaming and the movies, not to mention some of the scariest roller coasters out there. The collection of DC-themed super rides at Six Flags is unrivalled, and now there’s a toy collection to match. Whether you’re a comic book super fan, or just love the giant coasters that bear their names, you’re going to want to snag a one-of-a-kind collectible toy based on your favorite DC hero. But of course, wherever there’s a Super Hero, there’s a super villain not far behind. JOKER, PENGUIN, MR. FREEZE, and POISON IVY want you to take them home too, though you might want to lock up your valuables in a safe first.

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