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Hurricane Harbor Splashtown
Hurricane Harbor Splashtown

Wahoo Wave

Summer just got a whole lot wetter!

At six stories tall, the all-new Wahoo Wave is pretty hard to miss. Grab up to three friends – and maybe an extra set of gills – for one of the wettest rides of your life.

You'll enter the tunnel slide, twisting around tight turns and slipping down 30 feet. Then you'll soon find out why we named this slide the Wahoo Wave, as you drop three stories right into this ride's signature feature: a huge water wave wall! Slide vertically up the wall, and let gravity pull you back down with weightlessness right into the splash pool below.

This all-new six-story slide complex features:

  • Four-person toob is perfect for your family & friends
  • Near 30-foot vertical plunge
  • Massive water walls
  • Refreshing catch pool (so you can catch your breath)
Family Ride

Minimum Height

250 lbs. weight limit per rider, 700 lbs. per tube
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